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Keith Olbermann, Your Stupid Show Really Does Suck. Deal With It

Something tells me the delusional Keith Olbermann has been spending way too much time hanging around the White House lunching with the fibber-in-chief. Now why would I say that? Well let’s follow along as he shows everyone just how much he has learned from the best as he demonstrates his complete detachment from reality and […]

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CNN's Cafferty: Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Arrogance Is "Breathtaking" Updated: 1-30-10

The numbers are in and they are huge. You may recall that Nancy Pelosi took a huge group of government officials, including many Congressmen with their spouses and in some cases their children, along for a cozy taxpayer funded free ride on a couple of Air Force jets to the utterly useless, stupid and ridiculous […]

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CNN's Jack Cafferty: Nancy Pelosi Is A Horrible Woman

True unemployment is over 17% in this country and approaches 20% in several states. People are losing their homes to foreclosure by the millions. Citizens are finding it next to impossible to access credit because of the out of control borrowing and frivolous spending by this Congress and the current Obama administration. Americans are hurting […]

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Liberal Indoctrination In Our Schools Pays Off Handsomely In Arkansas

Ten year old Will Phillips of Arkansas says he has had just about enough of the blatant homophobia, racism and sexism in America and dammit he’s bound and determined to do something about the injustices he perceives are happening in this here rotten country of ours. The little tyke, who tries to weave words bigger […]

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CNN Anchor Incredulous That Chicago Kicked To Curb In Olympic Bid

“The city of Chicago, having obtained the least number of votes, will not participate in the next round.” Watch as Tony Harris, hanging out over at the bottom rated CNN, becomes absolutely aghast, dumbfounded and incredulous that his hero Barack Hussein Øbama’s and his wife the lovely and charming James Brown seem to have fallen […]

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Talk About Media Bias! CNN Loads Obamacare Poll With 45% Democrats Only 18% Republicans

CNN conducted a “poll” after Obama’s healthcare speech before both houses of Congress last night and amazingly discovered that “two out of three Americans” now think going along with the fibber-in-chief’s plan is the way to go. Two out of three Americans huh? What a load of crap. Of course you won’t see just who […]

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Black Female Cambridge Police Officer On Obama–"I Supported Him, I Voted For Him, I Will Not Again"

Well this really had to bite for CNN’s Don Lemon, a guy well known for his rabid and unabashed on air support for Barack Obama, as he went to visit a bunch of Cambridge Massachusetts police officers and ask them how they felt about the charges of racism leveled against Sgt. James Crowley by Obama’s […]

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Loony Left Becomes Unhinged At Tea Parties

Protesting “idiots like you?” Maybe this fat dumpy dork could ship his own ass to Cuba or North Korea where he can share his vision of utopia with lots of real happy people who live the dream every day. Observe the dripping contempt these left wing clowns have for anyone that doesn’t share their opinions. […]

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NAACP, Blacks Forced Into Subprime Loans Though Qualified For Lower Interest Mortgages

The NAACP filed suit against two of the largest home mortgage companies claiming they have forced blacks into sub prime mortgages when they were well qualified for the same lower interest loans given to equally qualified whites…

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Climate Change Propaganda Now Available Via Your Favorite Fox Network Television Shows

So just what has Robert Murdoch and his team been up to over at Fox lately? Well it seems they have been working late into the night putting together “entertainment” that also doubles as climate change propaganda for their audience’s consumption. Maybe we don’t get enough of this garbage on a daily basis as it is, eh?

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