Keith Olbermann, Your Stupid Show Really Does Suck. Deal With It

Something tells me the delusional Keith Olbermann has been spending way too much time hanging around the White House lunching with the fibber-in-chief.

Now why would I say that?

Well let’s follow along as he shows everyone just how much he has learned from the best as he demonstrates his complete detachment from reality and tries to convince his ever shrinking audience, and of course those “evil right wingers,” that his moronic show on basement rated Obama administration mouthpiece msnbc isn’t about to be scrapped and is actually growing these days!

WHOA!! His viewership rate actually GREW last month by a whooping 5-6%! That outta get the advertisers and the Obama administration all fired up!

Olbermann consistently draws less than a quarter of the viewers of the top rated Bill O’Reilly show on Fox News in the prime time 8pm slot and it barely gets better when he is up against Greta Van Susteren on Fox at 10pm.

Moving on, Olbermann brags about his astonishing ratings growth over the previous 30 day period but let’s take a look at the bigger picture, as in the last 12 months, shall we:

As we can clearly see in the crucial 25-54 age demographic Olbermann’s idiotic Countdown show’s numbers have suffered a severe mugging over the last year to the tune of nearly 52%!

His total viewership has tanked by almost 38%!

The only show Olbermann beats in his 8pm and 10pm time slots belongs to Nancy Grace on CNN’s Headline News channel. Nancy Grace!

Hmmm, but this guy is grinning about a tiny little ratings bump over the last month which is no doubt due largely to his desperate attempt to get his name in the news by launching mean spirited out of control rants against the new U.S. Senator Scott Brown.

Even his good buddy and fellow left wing nutjob Jon Stewart had some problems with Olbermann becoming completely unhinged over the usually reliable Democrat voters of Massachusetts electing a Republican to the U.S. Senate.

Gotta wonder what kind of lunacy this hard core leftist loon will come up with next in his attempt to keep his stupid useless msnbc show on the air….

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