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George W. Bush Makes His Billboard Debut

So really folks. Just how bad do ya? Word on the street is several small business owners got together and paid for this billboard. Naturally they wish to remain anonymous lest a bunch of left wing lunatics come out of the woodwork and cause them all kinds of grief. Today, we have this pop up, […]

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Hey Obama, How About YOU Practice Some Of What YOU Preach?

We’re right here Mr. Obama. The American people have spoken OVER and OVER again and “voted” on your “ObamaCare scheme” so maybe it’s time for YOU to save some face, realize you royally screwed up and put an end to your idiotic attempt to take over 1/6 of OUR economy behind the phony facade of […]

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Obama Brazenly Proclaims Washington Can't Keep Spending Our Tax Dollars "Like Monopoly Money"

We’ve all known and had to deal with at least one serial liar in our lives but Barack Hussein Obama truly owns the label. One has to wonder how this guy can actually possess the unmitigated nerve to go in front of television cameras and spew this kind of absolute bullshit when it has become […]

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Chris Matthews: West Point Was Enemy Camp For Obama Tonight (Updated 12-3-09)

MSNBC’s basement rated talk show blatherer Chris Matthews is simply aghast at what he perceives to be a rather chilly reception from military cadets at West Point during Barack Hussein Obama’s appearance this evening to announce the deployment of an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. Matthews went so far as to suggest Obama had stumbled […]

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Congressman Joe Wilson's "YOU LIE" Outburst Causes Shock And Awe Among Idiots With A Short Memory

It was some kind of jaw dropper for that ugly ass botox queen Nancy Pelosi when Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted at Barack Obama during his falsehood laden speech to both houses of Congress last night telling him “you lie!” when the fibber-in-chief claimed his governmental takeover of our healthcare system would not cover illegal […]

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Obama Receiving 30 Death Threats Every Day

Barack Obama, the most heavily guarded politician in American history is said by Ronald Kessler, author of In the President’s Secret Service, to be receiving upwards of 30 threats against his life on a daily basis which is creating a major headache for those tasked with keeping the man alive and protected from any knuckleheads […]

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Fox Sports Deliberately Shields From TV Viewers Obama's Weak Toss At All Star Game

Let’s be real, nobody wants to look like a numbnut in front of thousands of screaming, and booing, fans in the stands and millions more watching the festivities on television when throwing the ceremonial first pitch before a major league baseball game. It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular season game, the All Star game […]

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Welcome To The U.S. Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor

All the teeth gnashing and hang wringing from us folks on the conservative side of the fence means very little and confirmation for Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court was a slam dunk from the moment Barack Obama announced her nomination. Oh it’s not because she is eminently qualified heads and shoulders above and […]

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News And Issues Of The Day For Friday March 27th

Here is quick synopsis of some news and issues of the day…

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Obama's Teleprompter Flub. Where's The Video Media Peeps?

Have you heard about the goofy teleprompter flub performed by the dynamic duo of the Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen and Barack Hussein Obama? This was a press conference in front of…the press and there were surely cameras recording the event for posterity. So… where are the videos?

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