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Democrats Thought It Was Patriotic To Protest And Equate Bush With Hitler

But these days all we hear about is how violent, scary and threatening the Tea Party folks are. Three liberal groups will drop off a petition at the Republican National Committee’s headquarters Thursday, urging conservative leaders to “take responsibility” for threats and incidents of vandalism against Democrats. The event is being organized by the Brave […]

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George W. Bush Makes His Billboard Debut

So really folks. Just how bad do ya? Word on the street is several small business owners got together and paid for this billboard. Naturally they wish to remain anonymous lest a bunch of left wing lunatics come out of the woodwork and cause them all kinds of grief. Today, we have this pop up, […]

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Sarah Palin's Speech At The Tea Party Convention In Full

Sarah Palin came out of the chute ablazin’, delivering the final speech at the first Tea Party Convention held in Nashville Tennessee over the last couple of days and in true form, she held nothing back.

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Illinois Lieutenant Governor's Race Features A Fabulous Radio Ad For Democrat Rickey Hendon

The Committee to elect Rickey Hendon for Illinois’s next Lieutenant Governor, the second highest office in the land of Lincoln, has just released a powerful, hard hitting radio ad evidently designed to not only highlight the Democrat’s numerous accomplishments as an Illinois State Senator for the last 16 years but also to bring those who […]

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CNN's Cafferty: Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Arrogance Is "Breathtaking" Updated: 1-30-10

The numbers are in and they are huge. You may recall that Nancy Pelosi took a huge group of government officials, including many Congressmen with their spouses and in some cases their children, along for a cozy taxpayer funded free ride on a couple of Air Force jets to the utterly useless, stupid and ridiculous […]

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Newsmax/Zogby Poll: Scott Brown Could Beat Obama If Presidential Election Held Today

It just keeps getting better for Barack Hussein Obama as a Newsmax/Zogby poll shows that if a presidential election were held today, brand spanking new but not even sworn in yet U.S. Senator from Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown very well could beat the current disaster in chief in a head to head matchup. Ouch. This […]

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SC Lt Gov Andre Bauer: Political Correctness Is Killing Our Country

“For the first time in the history of this country we have more people VOTING for a living than WORKING for a living….”

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Democrat Arlen Specter Goes Asshat On Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Had a Republican Senator gone off on a Democrat Congresswoman like this old fool Arlen Specter did to Michele Bachmann it would be all over the lamestream media until he was forced to resign. Every womans’ lib organization in the country would have come out of the woodwork protesting in front of the guy’s office, […]

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1984 Music Video Features Scott Brown's Wife Gail Huff

Admittedly the “music” in this video will likely make you hurl but I think we can all pretty much agree that Scott Brown, the newly elected Republican U.S. Senator from the state of Massachusetts, sure knew what he was looking for when he bumped into this flat bellied hottie way back in the day.

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Dick Morris: Obama Will Not Be Able To Pass ANY Piece Of Major Legislation

Dick Morris, who knows a thing or two about Democrat presidents, made an appearance on Fox and Friends this morning and declared that Barack Hussein Obama will not be able to pass ANY piece of major legislation after Republican Scott Brown was elected U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, the first Republican Senator to come along in […]

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