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Congressman John Conyers–Have Your Convicted Felon Wife Return The Office Equipment She Has "Appropriated" Before She Heads Off To Prison

John Conyers, the Democrat Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, will be seeing his wife Monica off to state prison soon for her bribery conviction but that certainly won’t be the end of their legal problems. Federal agents are investigating allegations that Councilwoman Monica Conyers received thousands of dollars in jewelry from a pawn shop […]

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Friday July 31st

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wonderful 23 year old daughter! I hope you have a terrific day today my “little Bucket” 🙂 Democrat Senator Chris Dodd announced today he has prostate cancer. We’re left wondering if he will be treated in Canada or England since, according to his fellow left wingers, our healthcare system is […]

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Car Allowance Rebate System Off Again On Again

The Obama administration has no idea what to do with this cash for clunkers taxpayer money give away program. They announced a halt to this thing yesterday then come out today and tell us nope, she’s back up and running. The Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) or cash for clunkers program provided a total of […]

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Dan Rather Begs For Obama To Save The Mainstream News Media

Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather has spoken out and pleaded with Barack Obama to do something soon to bail out the “news media” before she goes tango uniform and “democracy” as we know it in this country is lost forever. What a laugh huh? Yes this would be the same Dan Rather who […]

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Thursday July 30th

Obama’s science and technology “czar” advocates allowing trees to sue for violations to their legal rights. You cannot make this stuff up if you tried. Since the 1970s, some radical environmentalists have argued that trees have legal rights and should be allowed to go to court to protect those rights. The idea has been endorsed […]

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Military Readying Plans To Deploy Troops Throughout U.S. When H1N1 Flu Takes Off This Fall

The Department of Defense is putting plans in place to deploy military personnel throughout the country when not if the H1N1 (swine) flu takes off like a bat outta hell come the cooler weather of fall. Understand that the plain ol’ regular flu that sweeps through the U.S. every winter takes the lives of some […]

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Arlen Specter Says Ethnic Pride And Women Politicians Rock

Follow along for just about a minute as that bumbling fool of a Democrat Senator from Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter, displays some seriously lame pandering to the pasty faced judicial activist Sonia Sotomayor, the judge who’s record sports a very unimpressive five out of seven cases she ruled on that eventually made it to the U.S. […]

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Wednesday July 29th

If you own an iPhone ya better read this. If you receive a text message on your iPhone any time after Thursday afternoon containing only a single square character, Charlie Miller would suggest you turn the device off. Quickly. That small cipher will likely be your only warning that someone has taken advantage of a […]

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Obama's Natural Born Citizen Problem Is Not Going To Go Away Anytime Soon

Say, have you noticed how all of a sudden EVERY media outlet in the country has finally decided to chime in over this Obama birth certificate/citizenship issue? This topic is everywhere these days but oddly these same media clowns whispered nary a peep about this subject a year ago or so. Shucks, I wonder why […]

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Henry Louis Gates Jr. Distant Relative Of Cambridge Cop Who Arrested Him

It turns out the “esteemed” Harvard professor of African-American studies Henry Gates Jr. who’s race baiting big mouth helped land him into a nice matching set of police issue locking bracelets on July 16 descended from the same Irish lineage as the officer who hooked him up, Sergeant James Crowley. I’m not sure which man […]

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