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An Open Letter To Barack Obama And The Rest Of The Corrupt Democrat Party

We’ve had ENOUGH! We’re taking OUR country back! From you America hating radicals, From you scumbag leftists, From you LIBERAL bastards! / /

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Obama Brazenly Proclaims Washington Can't Keep Spending Our Tax Dollars "Like Monopoly Money"

We’ve all known and had to deal with at least one serial liar in our lives but Barack Hussein Obama truly owns the label. One has to wonder how this guy can actually possess the unmitigated nerve to go in front of television cameras and spew this kind of absolute bullshit when it has become […]

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Pelosi's Hypocrisy: Remember When She Whined About Democrats Not Having Enough Time To Read Legislation?

Nancy Pelosi, as House Minority Leader, was mad as hell that Republicans were supposedly ramming through legislation without giving the Democrats sufficient time to read through it before casting their votes. In fact she called what the GOP majority was allegedly doing to the Democrats “an absolute outrage!” She complained that huge bills, many thousands […]

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Damn, It Do Feel Good Being A Victicrat!

Va. gov. candidates woo black voters washingtontimes.com–Virginia’s gubernatorial candidates are working overtime to appeal to black voters, an influential voting bloc who helped win Barack Obama the presidency but are shown in polls as not being excited to vote this year. The two gubernatorial candidates came to address the NAACP’s 74th annual state convention in […]

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Democrats Join Republicans On Senate Finance Committee To Vote Down Government Option Amendments To Baucus ObamaCare Bill

“We are going to get at this, and at this, and at this, until we succeed, because we believe in it so strongly. The more Americans hear about benefits the more they like it,” so says New York Senator Chuck Shumer. Obviously Mr. Shumer has his finger pressed in all the wrong places when he […]

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Democrats Enjoyed The Housing Market Meltdown So Much They Want To EXPAND The Community Reinvestment Act

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. -Albert Einstein Have Barney “Bendover” Frank and the rest of his leftist cronies in Congress completely lost their minds or do they really think most of the American people possess the attention span of a typical Daily Kos […]

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Jimmy Carter–The Worst U.S. President Ever–Says Racism Behind Pushback Against Obama's Marxist Agenda

Does anyone out there recall a former one term Republican president who continually interjected himself into the political arena for years after leaving office in a manner similar to this virulent anti Semite Jimmy Carter? This useless moron was an abject FAILURE as a president of this fine country which is why the American people […]

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Congressman Joe Wilson's "YOU LIE" Outburst Causes Shock And Awe Among Idiots With A Short Memory

It was some kind of jaw dropper for that ugly ass botox queen Nancy Pelosi when Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted at Barack Obama during his falsehood laden speech to both houses of Congress last night telling him “you lie!” when the fibber-in-chief claimed his governmental takeover of our healthcare system would not cover illegal […]

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Dissent Is The Highest Form Of Patriotism And More Left Wing Hypocrisy

Speaking up, speaking out, shouting, protesting, screaming, vigorously debating, hammering Congressional representatives, yelling and being a “disruptor” is all good when you are a Democrat and a Republican is in the White House and in the majority in Congress. But what happens when the Democrats grab unstoppable power in the legislative and executive (and arguably […]

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Nancy Pelosi, "Town Meeting Protesters Carry Swastikas"

Nancy Pelosi claims healthcare protesters, “astroturfers,” many if not most of them Democrats by the way, are carrying swastikas into the town meetings! What a freakin’ loon! This lying hag seems to have a real beef with people who aren’t too happy with her and Obama’s policies that have run this country into the ground […]

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