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Bill Maher: Americans Love Their Military Troops Like Michael Vick Loves Dogs

I can’t help but wonder how much fun it would be to take a long lonely elevator ride with this Bill Maher idiot. “…but honestly, for the longest time every Republican election [hey idiot, just exactly what is a “Republican election?”] has been based on some sentimental bullshit–the flag or the flag pin or the […]

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West Virginia Man Charged With Threatening Obama

Dale Meadows, of Morgan County WV, was arrested on May 21 for allegedly making threats against Barack Obama however news of this incident is just now coming out because local law enforcement had evidently been prohibited by federal authorities from releasing information on the arrest until now. The nature of the threat(s) have not been […]

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Memorial Day Flag Display Offends Texas Hospital Supervisor—A Non Citizen Immigrant

Debbie McLucas hung our American flag in her Mansfield Texas Kindred Hospital office, which she shares with several other hospital supervisors, this past Memorial Day in remembrance and in honor of those who gave their all for this country and in fact for people all over this planet. McLucas knows a little bit about sacrifice […]

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White House Press Briefing Resembles Kindergarten Classroom

Obama, no doubt with one eye on the Rasmussen and Gallup websites, has decided he may not release the photographs of incarcerated terrorists, who were allegedly abused by their military jailers, for the time being. While Obama and his people claim he is worried about the safety of our military personnel fighting in Iraq and […]

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The Obama Administration Lies About Number Of US Firearms Going Into Mexico

Of course the anti Second Amendment socialists in the Obama administration are going to lie about this completely conjured up garbage of guns flowing from the United States into Mexico, that shouldn’t be a shock to anyone…

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Some News And Issues Of The Day For Wednesday April 1st

A look at some of the things going on around the country and the world…

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Some News And Issues Of The Day For Sunday March 29th

A look at some of the news and issues of the day…

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Are FEMA And DHS Planning For Martial Law, And More, Near Chicago?

FEMA and DHS have been ordering mandated meetings with county officials around the country to discuss things like land availability for mass graves and preparation for martial law…

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Obama To Federalize All Civilian Law Enforcement?

Obama says he wants a civilian security force that is just as powerful as our military. What the hell is he talking about and could the answer be right under our noses?

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Department of Defense Reverses Policy Of Scrapping Military Ammo Brass

After some serious outrage from firearm owners and letters from a couple of Congressmen the DoD has apparently nixed the plan and will once again sell these empty cartridge cases to ammunition reloading companies, saving hundreds of jobs in the process…

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