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Texas Joins Montana In Declaring State Firearm Sovereignty

It’s outstanding to see the great state of Texas follow Montana’s lead in the continuing fight to wrest individual state sovereignty rights away from the federal government. Under HB 1863 all intrastate commerce involving the sale of firearms, ammunition and accessories manufactured within the state would be outside the control of the federal government per […]

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Department of Defense Reverses Policy Of Scrapping Military Ammo Brass

After some serious outrage from firearm owners and letters from a couple of Congressmen the DoD has apparently nixed the plan and will once again sell these empty cartridge cases to ammunition reloading companies, saving hundreds of jobs in the process…

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Law Enforcement May Not Confiscate Legally Possessed Firearms/Ammo Even During Martial Law–Mississippi

The Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, announced an amendment to Section 33-7-303 of Mississippi Code of 1972 which now restricts the power of government officials to seize lawfully owned and possessed firearms and ammunition from citizens even in the case of Governor declared martial law…

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Never, EVER, Ever Give Up Your Firearms And Ammunition…EVER, Under Any Circumstances!

Steve Quayle and Greg Eversen discuss their opinions that martial law and firearm confiscation is imminent and coming about soon after Obama’s installation as president.

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Obama Pleads With Americans, "Don't Stock Up On Guns!"

12-08-08 While Obama continues to lie to the American people concerning his record on Second Amendment issues the good citizens of this country are going gonzo snatching up firearms and ammo like hell won’t have it. Now why would these folks be doing such a thing after all we do have the Constitution, we do […]

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