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Keith Olbermann, Your Stupid Show Really Does Suck. Deal With It

Something tells me the delusional Keith Olbermann has been spending way too much time hanging around the White House lunching with the fibber-in-chief. Now why would I say that? Well let’s follow along as he shows everyone just how much he has learned from the best as he demonstrates his complete detachment from reality and […]

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Barack Hussein Obama's Never Ending Litany Of Lies To The American People Marches On

“I’m not an ideologue. I’m not!” Ideologue: an often blindly partisan advocate or adherent of a particular ideology. Not an ideologue huh Barry? nationaljournal.com–In the following list, senators are assigned liberal scores for their roll-call votes on key economic, social and foreign policy issues during 2007. The scores on each scale are given as percentiles. […]

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John Ziegler–Contessa Brewer Cat Fight On MSNBC

OK I confess, I’ve never heard of this Contessa Brewer before since I very rarely watch the drivel msnbc offers to its limited audience so I had to do some snooping around a bit and discovered she used to work for that drooling fool Don Imus at one time as a news reader. Other than […]

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As We Always Like To Say In The White House–We Love msnbc!

WOW! Who knew there was a connection between the White House and the bottom of the barrel rated msnbc? Top 10 Cable News Programs, Q1 2009 (by total viewers) 1. The O’Reilly Factor: 3,438,000 total viewers 2. Hannity: 2,579,000 total viewers 3. Glenn Beck: 2,271,000 total viewers 4. Special Report with Bret Baier: 2,092,000 total […]

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Obama Getting His Clock Cleaned In MSNBC Online Poll

It won’t take long for the word to spread to the daily kos, huffy post and other uber lefty sites, or msnbc just yanks this thing down, but their boy Obama is getting hammered in an online msnbc internet poll right now…

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Climate Change Propaganda Now Available Via Your Favorite Fox Network Television Shows

So just what has Robert Murdoch and his team been up to over at Fox lately? Well it seems they have been working late into the night putting together “entertainment” that also doubles as climate change propaganda for their audience’s consumption. Maybe we don’t get enough of this garbage on a daily basis as it is, eh?

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Latest Rasmussen Poll Numbers Show Democrats Not Listening To American People. So What's New?

Since CNN and msnbc sure as hell won’t do it I thought this would be a great time to run some numbers many people just might be interested in. As I look at the polling numbers I am reminded that Barack Hussein Obama was elected with 52% of the vote, well below most of the figures Rasmussen has put together for us today. 52% is hardly a mandate…

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Faux Muslims Hoped To Stir Up Some Racism And Intolerance With Social Experiment. Came Up Empty In Arab, Alabama

It seems there is a small group of impressionable 20 something year old kids led by a Muslim gentleman, excuse me CNN describes him as an esteemed Muslim scholar, one Akbar Ahmed, the Islamic studies chairman at American University in Washington, that is roaming around America dressing up in Islamic or Muslim garb with the intention, no really the expectation, of getting a rise out of people wherever they go. It looks like they stuck out big time in Arab Alabama here recently….

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Ice Storm Victims Hungry, Shivering, Dying–Obama Warm In The White House Chowing $100 Steak.

People are without power, freezing cold, hungry, homeless and at least 42 people have died because of a massive ice storm that passed through much of “flyover country” earlier this week. We got a taste of that wicked weather here where just-a-regular-guy and family hang out and I can’t imagine how bad it was in the areas that really got hammered. So where is Obama? Hors d’œuvres — chicken curry, wagyu steak — will be served in addition to drinks at a White House party thrown by the new president…

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David Shuster Feigns Disappointment With His Guy, Barack Obama

David Shuster, who according to several news sources burned through several dozen sets of knee pads and countless rolls of paper towels during Obama’s presidential campaign, feigns just a little bit of disappointment in his boss and his promises that alas were nothing but bullshit…

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