David Shuster Feigns Disappointment With His Guy, Barack Obama


I have to say that the liberal media clowns that bent over frontwards and let Obama have his way with them on his way to the Oval Office are really starting to crack me up. First we had CNN’s weepy Campbell Brown fretting, damn near teary eyed and all wound up in knots over Obama saying one thing and *gasp* doing something else.

Now we have msnbc, Obama’s soon to be official media relations network, pretending to be upset over…you guessed it, Obama jerking everyone’s chains again.

David Shuster, who according to several news sources burned through several dozen sets of knee pads and countless rolls of paper towels during Obama’s presidential campaign, feigns just a little bit of disappointment in his boss and his promises that alas were nothing but bullstuff.

Expect much more of this faux “hard reporting” (or as I like to call it, “trolling for a bailout”) from the ying yangs responsible for burying and hiding the truth about Obama from the American people prior to the election as things progress.

Oh and David, the Easter bunny is not reality. It was your parents hiding all of those eggs in the backyard as you were growing up. I’ll save the story about Santa Claus for the next time you get a little bummed when your idol fibs to ya.

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