Ice Storm Victims Hungry, Shivering, Dying–Obama Warm In The White House Chowing $100 Steak.


People are without power, freezing cold, hungry, homeless and at least 42 people have died because of a massive ice storm that passed through much of “flyover country” earlier this week. We got a taste of that wicked weather here where just-a-regular-guy and family hang out and I can’t imagine how bad it was in the areas that really got hammered. The last two winters have been especially nasty out here and many in town out in our neck of the woods went without electrical service for weeks at a time following a few of these severe ice storms. These ice storms, if you have never experienced one, create some serious havoc and extremely dangerous situations and it seems there is never enough assistance for all of those affected.

A good example of the difficulties faced by the folks that were caught up in these storms is Kentucky where Governor Steve Beshear was forced to call up every single member of the state’s Army National Guard bringing the total number of Guardsmen assisting the 600,000 people without power to 4,600. Imagine that, over half a million people stranded in freezing or near freezing conditions with no electrical power or supplies having to rely on Kentucky’s National Guard, numbering less than 5,000 men and women citizen soldiers.

Keep in mind the tens of thousands of people stuck in their homes in the rural parts of the state because they can’t even get out of their driveways and they can’t call for help because they have no power or phone service. Even if they were able to get out of their driveway it would be of little consequence since many roads are blocked off with fallen trees and power poles and there is simply not enough manpower to clear all of the debris out quickly.

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Gasoline, propane, food and water are in short supply. Thousands of people have hunkered down in motels, local schools and other shelters after being asked to leave their homes by authorities who admitted the emergency teams in many areas were stretched too thin to reach everyone in need of food, water and warmth and they are only referencing those within the city limits. Those folks living out in the county areas have not even been contacted yet. The power outages have disabled most water systems and those residing in the outlying areas have been told it could be weeks until power will be restored and they could take a shower again.

What a mess and it will take a very long time until things even begin to resemble normalcy in that area. I hate to think of how many elderly and disabled people will not make it through this calamity alive when the sparse crews that are available finally make it out into the countryside to check on their homes.

So where is FEMA? Where are the TV camera crews? CNN, msnbc, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX NEWS…where are the reporters bringing to light the suffering of these 1.5 million people throughout the midwest impacted by these severe ice storms? Where is the outrage concerning the federal government inaction? Where are the activist groups demanding something be done for the people of Kentucky? WHERE IS OBAMA?

What’s that again? Kentucky was a red state in the last election? Could this be a contributing factor in why Obama doesn’t seem to care what is going on?

Almost a week after this storm hit and still no FEMA?

All we heard and in fact still hear about, ad nauseam, is how much George W. Bush didn’t care about the black folks in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina hit. Remember how everyone blamed the Bush administration for the “lack of response” and yet not an ounce of responsibility was put on the backs of the local and state officials?

So where is Obama?

Oh, here he is.

After spending some 700 MILLION dollars getting elected. After blowing another 150 MILLION dollars on his inauguration. After allegedly spending nearly a MILLION dollars on lawyers fees to hold off legal challenges from American citizens demanding the release his birth certificate (the real one not the phony joke on his and the loony lefty kos site) to determine his eligibility to hold office per the U.S. Constitution….it seems Obama was busy throwing a party at the White House.

Here’s the list of President Obama’s invited guests to the White House cocktail party tonight — essentially the bipartisan bicameral leadership of the House and Senate.

Six House Democrats, six House Republicans, six Senate Democrats, six Senate Republicans. Their spouses are invited as well.

Hors d’œuvres — chicken curry, wagyu steak — will be served in addition to drinks.

President Obama, it should be noted, is not a particularly big drinker, though he has been known to enjoy a vodka martini time and again.

In addition to the congressional leaders below, several senior White House staffers will be in attendance, including press secretary Robert Gibbs, senior adviser David Axelrod, senior adviser Pete Rouse, and deputy chief of staff Mona Sutphen.

The party will come after the House passes the president’s stimulus package with no Republican support, which could make for some interesting cocktail party chatter.

Wagyu steak? Never heard of it.

Well this is what came up first on a goog search for this stuff.

At $100 for a 16-ounce porterhouse steak, Wagyu beef might be a hard sell. Evan Lobel, of famous New York butcher shop Lobel’s, is undaunted.

He’s already selling at least 100 of his beyond-prime porterhouses each month, plus 150 or more bone-in strip steaks starting at $89 a pound, 100 bone-in hip steaks and so on — well over $55,000 worth of meat — to a star-studded roster of clients.

Taxpayers funding a $100 piece of meat for a bunch of politicians while citizens of this country are shivering and going hungry in our heartland all the while being told what a mess the economy is in?

Where….WHERE is the outrage from the media?

Simple answer. No minority “victim” story here. There is no outrage because it’s just a bunch of white people having a tough time.

No worries though. As Obama throws a Super Bowl party at our White House the people dealing with the aftermath of the wretched storm will work through the issues and get back on their feet…with nary a complaint.

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