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Evidently Obama Believes Haiti Is One Of Those 57 American States

During the recent interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier Barack Obama claimed the healthcare reform scandal referred to as the “Louisiana Purchase” would help states like Hawaii which “had an earthquake.” Really he did. After that interesting “observation” one must wonder just how many truly devastating natural disasters have hit other states in the union […]

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Fox News' Bret Baier Has A Chat With Barack Obama Over 'Healthcare Reform'

Get ready for the left wingers to run out into the street screaming their little lungs out after they get a glimpse of their dear leader getting his feet held to the fire for the first time in a media interview since he took office. Fox News’ Bret Baier does a masterful job finally asking […]

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Keith Olbermann, Your Stupid Show Really Does Suck. Deal With It

Something tells me the delusional Keith Olbermann has been spending way too much time hanging around the White House lunching with the fibber-in-chief. Now why would I say that? Well let’s follow along as he shows everyone just how much he has learned from the best as he demonstrates his complete detachment from reality and […]

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Fox News Producer Asks Representative Grayson About Being One Fry Short Of A Happy Meal

Arrogant asshat Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson gets cornered by Fox News producer Griff Jenkins and is asked about fellow liberal representative Anthony Weiner’s comment about him being one fry short of a happy meal…

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Rep. Jan Schakowsky Calls Tea Party Participants Despicable

What would you think about a United States elected representative calling millions of citizens “despicable?” Imagine exercising your Constitutional rights under the First Amendment to “peaceably assemble, and petition the Government for a redress of grievances” and having some arrogant liberal Democrat calling you names for doing so. Well this is precisely what Rep. Jan […]

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Loony Left Becomes Unhinged At Tea Parties

Protesting “idiots like you?” Maybe this fat dumpy dork could ship his own ass to Cuba or North Korea where he can share his vision of utopia with lots of real happy people who live the dream every day. Observe the dripping contempt these left wing clowns have for anyone that doesn’t share their opinions. […]

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Glenn Beck Show Features Guest Passing Out On Live TV

David Buckner, professor of organizational leadership at Columbia University was on the Glenn Beck show today and before you know it he was face down on the set, passed out. Beck, after the show, said the professor “was ill, apparently, this morning and just got a little lightheaded, but he is fine and we have […]

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ACORN Thugs Cut Padlocks Occupy Foreclosed Homes With Little Concern Over Legal Consequences

Fox News business journalist Stuart Varney, while a bit contentious with ACORN representative Bertha Lewis–clearly a top graduate of the Barack Hussein Obama School of Community Organizing–calls the criminal actions these ACORN thugs are doing as accurately as you will see anywhere in the lamestream media…

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Obama Orders 17,000 Additional Troops To Afghanistan. Why Didn't He Tell The World In Front Of TV Cameras?

Barack Obama has very quietly ordered an additional 17,000 troops to the country of Afghanistan shortly after flying all over the country loudly promoting his nearly one trillion dollar government spending spree in front of thousands of people and dozens of well placed TV cameras. So where are all of the marching in the street protesters from the likes of codepink and moveon.org?

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Ice Storm Victims Hungry, Shivering, Dying–Obama Warm In The White House Chowing $100 Steak.

People are without power, freezing cold, hungry, homeless and at least 42 people have died because of a massive ice storm that passed through much of “flyover country” earlier this week. We got a taste of that wicked weather here where just-a-regular-guy and family hang out and I can’t imagine how bad it was in the areas that really got hammered. So where is Obama? Hors d’œuvres — chicken curry, wagyu steak — will be served in addition to drinks at a White House party thrown by the new president…

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