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Sunday May 31st

Squirrels swiping small American flags in cemetery, placed on graves by family members over the Memorial Day holiday, to use as nesting material in a nearby tree. If he didn’t see it happen, Ron Ceglarek said he probably wouldn’t believe it. A squirrel — weighing about 3 pounds — got up on its hind legs, […]

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Very Cool Animation Of Chrysler Engineering Circa 1939

As we watch this icon of American auto manufacturing, forced into bankruptcy by the Obama administration, begin to fall apart at the seams and sell what is left of their assets to the comparably tiny Italian car company Fiat, I thought it would be interesting to roll back to a time when motor vehicles were […]

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Uber Liberal Rachel Maddow Gives Obama Swift Kick To The Groin

How’s all that hope and change nonsense workin’ out for all you left wing nutjobs these days? Other than presenting a big smoke and mirrors act about closing down the terrorist prison in Guantanamo Bay some time in the future Barack Obama hasn’t really done a whole lot to undue the policies and procedures of […]

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Saturday May 30th

Texas man headed to prison for knowingly spreading HIV to several unsuspecting women. Creep. A jury sentenced a suburban Dallas man to 45 years in prison Friday for knowingly infecting six women with the AIDS virus. Philippe Padieu, described by his own lawyer as a “modern-day Casanova,” shook his head and looked down when the […]

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Cop On Cop Shooting Spurs Race Baiter Al Sharpton Into Action

New York–A young black off duty police officer chasing after a man he caught breaking into his car was shot late Thursday night by a white officer, identified as Andrew Dunton, who apparently mistook him as the assailant. The officer who was shot and later died at the hospital, Omar J. Edwards, was running after […]

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Obama Dislocates Both Shoulders Patting Himself On The Back

In an extraordinary display of unmitigated stupidity a room full of blithering idiots, in lock step with their hero Barack Obama who struts around like he won 93% of the vote instead of the pedestrian 53% of the goofs he managed to completely fool, cheer, whoop it up and applaud every time he mentions how […]

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Friday May 29th

Obama bobbleheads intended as giveaways at baseball game, held up by custom officials. Something about a birth certificate… President Barack Obama bobbleheads that are supposed to be given away at a minor-league baseball game apparently haven’t gotten the nod from customs officials. The West Virginia Power Class A baseball team said Thursday that 1,000 of […]

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Obama Security Threat? Black Reporter Involuntarily Hauled Away From LAX Press Area

Brenda Lee, a black female reporter for a small monthly Georgia newspaper, had been waiting in the press area at Los Angeles International airport with the hope of giving Barack Obama a letter which she claimed contained a request for him to take a firm stand on traditional marriage. Evidently this woman had initially asked […]

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Biden Slams Obama Over Teleprompter Dependence During Air Force Academy Graduation

It’s like opening a gift every day whenever Joe Biden has his muzzle removed. I wonder what it the heck ole Hair Plugs is alluding to? Perhaps something like this?

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Michigan Gov Jennifer Granholm Chops A Million Dollars From Veteran Groups Funding

Canadian born Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm has cut funding for veterans’ service organizations in Michigan by one million dollars or some 25%. These groups have run programs designed to assist veterans winding their way through all of the red tape involved with seeking disability and pension benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Without […]

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