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Barack Hussein Obama Getting Absolutely Hammered In AOL Poll

AOL decided to jump into the “Obama’s poll numbers are falling off a cliff” bandwagon with a small article the site posted up yesterday. In addition to the article they gave readers the opportunity to offer their opinions on six different questions regarding Obama’s job performance and as of 10:30 pm CST 7-21-09 each query […]

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Obama Dislocates Both Shoulders Patting Himself On The Back

In an extraordinary display of unmitigated stupidity a room full of blithering idiots, in lock step with their hero Barack Obama who struts around like he won 93% of the vote instead of the pedestrian 53% of the goofs he managed to completely fool, cheer, whoop it up and applaud every time he mentions how […]

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Some News And Issues Of The Day For Tuesday March 31st

A look at some news and issues of the day….

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Nancy Pelosi Gives Speech To Illegal Aliens, Calls Them Patriotic

Speaker of the House and third in line to the presidency Nancy Pelosi is caught here on video offering a little pandering session to the Hispanic community including some illegal aliens. In these videos she calls the illegal aliens “patriotic” and says efforts to curb illegal immigration into this country are “un-American.”

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Bush Mentions Recession In 2000, Gets Ripped A New One. Obama Dogs Economy For Months, Gets Free Pass As We Go Belly Up

Just eight short years ago the newly elected 43rd president of the United States, George W. Bush, had made some references to the fact that our economy may be headed for a slight recession and his administration was preparing to do what they could to try and nip this scenario in the bud. Then all hell broke loose. Yet for months we have been subjected to nothing but doom and gloom from the Obama camp of behind the scenes handlers and where the hell are the folks that laid into Bush for merely suggesting things were slowing down a bit in 2000? Where are the media hounds crying foul about Obama hurting the economy with his constant barrage of negativity?

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