Saturday May 30th

Texas man headed to prison for knowingly spreading HIV to several unsuspecting women. Creep.

A jury sentenced a suburban Dallas man to 45 years in prison Friday for knowingly infecting six women with the AIDS virus. Philippe Padieu, described by his own lawyer as a “modern-day Casanova,” shook his head and looked down when the decision was read. Jurors sentenced him to 45 years on five counts and 25 years on the sixth, to be served concurrently. Padieu had faced up to 99 years.

Mother and son reunited after 27 years via the Facebook social network site.

A woman whose three-year-old son was abducted and taken to live in Hungary has been reunited with him 27 years later after finding his name on Facebook. Avril Grube last saw Gavin when his father took him on an outing to Blackpool Zoo. That was in 1982.

Self styled Russian inventor, an electrician by trade, develops some nifty methods of zapping people.

The 30-year-old electrician, identified only as Dmitry K, lured victims to his house by posting adverts for computer equipment on the internet. Police in Yekaterinburg, a city in Russia’s Urals region, tracked the suspect down after finding the charred body of a law student in a roadside ditch. Dmitry K admitted murdering the student, investigators said, before claiming that he had also killed several other victims as he conducted experiments on an improvised electric chair that he had invented.

Girl scout leader to pay restitution and spend a month in jail for stealing cookie sale profits. Creep.

A former Girl Scout leader convicted of stealing $28,000 in cookie money was ordered Thursday, May 28, to pay $20,000 in restitution. Tamara Jo Ward will report to the Montgomery County Jail on June 8 to start the 30-day sentence handed down by Common Pleas Judge Connie Price on May 18.

Traces of cocaine found in Red Bull energy drinks.

Austria’s health ministry says traces of cocaine have been found in samples of Red Bull Cola energy drinks. Spokeswoman Sigrid Rosenberger says the traces are very slight and do not pose a health risk.

Florida man gives homeless guy a place to live. Homeless guy repays him by lopping his head off.

Authorities say a southwest Florida homeless man brutally beheaded a wheelchair-bound man who was letting the suspect stay at his apartment. Lee County Sheriff’s deputies went to Charles Rogers’ home Thursday and found his body still in the wheelchair. His head was placed near the front door.

Ohio man busted for mowing foot tall grass at neglected city park.

An Ohio man arrested for mowing unkempt grass at a public park said he just wanted to make his city look nice. John Hamilton said he took control of the situation because the grass in Sandusky’s Central Park was about a foot high.

No charges for Oklahoma man who shot and killed career criminal who had broken into his house, threatened him.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has declined to file charges against a man who shot an intruder to death in his Oklahoma City home this week. Homeowner Scott Henson was justified when he shot intruder Ronald Penn, 29, Tuesday in Henson’s home in the 2200 block of SW 57, Prater said Friday.

Alert pizza delivery man saves kidnapped woman being held in small remote mountain cabin.

Chris Turner normally wouldn’t drive into the remote Tennessee mountains just to deliver a pizza. The one time he did, he came upon a scene that drained the color from his face and made him “numb from head to toe” — a woman with her hands tied, silently begging him to call for help.

Prosecutor and his brother arrested after rumble with sheriff deputy inside bar. Knuckleheads.

A Broward County prosecutor and his brother were arrested early Friday, accused of getting into a bar fight with a Broward sheriff’s deputy. David Braun, a prosecutor since 2006, jumped on the deputy’s back as the law enforcement officer attempted to handcuff his brother, Derek Braun, at the Carolina Ale House in Weston, according to a Broward Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

I cannot believe this guy is only being charged with involuntary manslaughter as anybody who owns a gun knows, never ever point it at someone unless you INTEND to shoot them.

Jackson County prosecutors today charged a 24-year-old man with involuntary manslaughter after he allegedly shot his girlfriend in the chest while he was trying to clear his gun. Prosecutors also charged Pervis D. Smith Jr., with armed criminal action in the death of Takiya L. Love, 23, Thursday afternoon at their home in the 2000 block of Walrond Avenue.

Two murderers serving life sentences stroll right out of an Arkansas prison wearing correctional officer uniforms.

Arkansas authorities are searching for two convicted murderers who walked out of a prison after dressing up like corrections officers. Corrections department spokeswoman Dina Tyler says Jeffrey Grinder and Calvin Adams escaped Friday evening from a prison in Grady. Both men were serving life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Man desperate to quit smoking will hang out on a deserted island for a month hoping it will force him to kick the habit.

Smoker Geoff Spice is to spend a month on an uninhabited island in a desperate bid to quit cigs. Geoff, 56 – who began smoking at 13 – will be dropped off with just a tent, food and water on tiny Sgarabhaigh in the Outer Hebrides. The retired banker will have only sheep, seals and birds for company.

PA. newspaper goofs big time. Runs submitted advertisement by someone hoping Obama suffers same fate as four other presidents who were assassinated.

A small-town newspaper is apologizing for running a classified advertisement calling for the assassination of President Barack Obama. Warren Times Observer Publisher John Elchert says the ad appeared Thursday. It read, “May Obama follow in the steps of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy!” The four presidents were all assassinated.

A review of Microsoft’s new search engine ‘Bing’ with a look at some screen shots.

I’ll have to admit that I didn’t expect Bing, Microsoft’s latest effort to win the search wars, to be very good. My expectations were based on the company’s current product, Live Search, and the standard set by the search leader, Google. But I got access to the beta version of Bing – which won’t be generally available until Wednesday – on Thursday night, and after poking around for a while, I have to say that it’s better than I thought it would be.

Quote of the day.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

–Abraham Lincoln

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