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Radio Libyapper Mike Malloy's Wife Goes Racial On Bobby Jindal. Mainstream Media Yawns

Can you imagine what would happen if Sean Hannity, Laura Ingrahm, Rush Limbaugh or any other conservative radio talk show host mocked someone like this? Here we have radio libyapper Mike Malloy’s bed partner making fun of Republican Governor Bobby Jindal’s Indian ancestry in the true liberal racist fashion these moonbats are famous for…

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CNBC's Jim Cramer Seems To Like The Stimulus Bill, Rants On During His TV Show

Oh wait, maybe he isn’t too thrilled with this thing after all just like the vast majority of the rest of us. You have to love how he goes after the slobbering New York Times who calls this spend-ulus bill a great no, historic victory for Obama…

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Senator Judd Gregg Backs Away From Commerce Secretary Job, Says Viagra Wore Off Sooner Than Expected After Learning More About Obama's Plans For Him

Meet the very first person that has decided they weren’t going to be part of the Obama administration, after being asked to hop aboard, who was able to walk away based on his principles rather than yet another scandal. Republican Senator Judd Gregg has decided to take a walk from the Commerce Secretary job…

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Transparent Politics, Chicago Style. Mayor Daley Refuses To Disclose Details Of How Stimulus Money Will Be Spent

It’s little wonder that Obama’s hometown mayor refuses to tell the public what that city’s cut of the nearly one trillion dollar Democrat-supporters-and-benefactors package, also known as the federal “stimulus bill,” will be used for in the windy city. After all we have come to know from Mr. Obama that the word transparency has a whole new meaning when it’s said Chicago style…

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Class Versus Crass 101

It’s amazing the difference between how Republicans treat the office of President of the United States versus the way the Democrats trash it. No doubt Obama will drag the Democratic presidential reputation even further into the sewer…

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H.R. 2458, The 'Enumerated Powers Act.' Its Time Has Come, Let's Put An End To The Madness!

Every year since 1995Arizona Congressman John Shadegg has introduced the “Enumerated Powers Act” legislation and every year his fellow Congressional members bury it in a pile of nay votes. Why does this bill go down in a ball of flames session after session? Why would the people we send to Washington DC to do our bidding within the confines and constrictions of our founding document think it would be unnecessary to make sure everything they do complies with what is laid out in the Constitution?

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Chief Justice Roberts Blows Obama's Swearing In Ceremony. Practice Would Have Made Perfect Fellas

Egad guys! I would think there would have been a whole lot of practice going on prior to the oath being administered by Chief Justice John Roberts. While I have no thrill running up my leg for the new POTUS the monkey is firmly on Robert’s back for this flub up and it is an unfortunate thing for Obama.

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Nutjobs Dance And Prance While Sweeping City Clean For Obama's Inauguration. Pelosi Takes A Few Brooms To The Side Of Her Head In The Process

How quickly does one imagine the lamestream media and the world’s liberals and left wing goofs would burst out in laughter and derision if a Republican President’s inauguration was preceded by a bunch of loony toons dancing, chanting and pounding on some tribal drums all in the name of “sweeping the town clean” prior to the festivities? My bet would be about two and a half seconds.

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Harry Reid Needs To Step Down As Senate Leader…NOW!

That very headline should be blaring from every media outlet in this country, ad nauseam, until that worthless piece of Congressional garbage, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is hauled out to the nearest Capitol dumpster and tossed inside. So what’s the beef you say? Well it seems Reid was rather adamant that Blagojevich not send any black people from Chicago to Washington D.C. to fill Barack Obama’s former senate seat, stone cold from years of neglect as it was.

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Congressional Reminder To AIG CEO-Taxpayers Are Company Stockholders-Sharia Law Compliant Insurance Products Unacceptable

Republican Congressional House members Sue Myrick of North Carolina and Frank Wolf of Virginia sent a sternly worded message to AIG CEO Edward Liddy, think twice before offering Sharia Law compliant insurance products to the public. In a three page letter the two House members spelled out the danger with this Sharia based financial stuff and what it is really all about…radical Islamic ideology and the way this cancer is rapidly spreading throughout the world.

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