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Pennsylvania Judge To Prosecutors–"Somebody Has To Go After ACORN!"

Exasperated, Senior District Judge Richard H. Zoller strongly suggested yesterday to Allegheny County Pennsylvania prosecutors that it’s high time to go after the leadership of the corrupt organization ACORN after the sixth county resident was bound over for trial in his courtroom concerning various voter registration irregularities related to the 2008 election. A seventh defendant […]

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Obama Administration Refusing To Accept TARP Repayments?

Why would this be happening unless the people pulling Obama’s strings ultimate goal was to completely control the money supply in this country? We know some banks were forced to accept these taxpayer funds by the government whether they wanted them or not…

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Secret Service Code Name "Renegade" Fits Obama Perfectly

The Secret Service code name for Obama is “renegade” which according to the dictionary means a deserter from one faith, cause, or allegiance to another and an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior….

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Get Ready For Obama Zombie Harassment

The Obama robots are gearing up in preparation to flood neighborhoods, malls, business and anywhere people gather with mind number morons trying to harass everyone into supporting their Dear Leader’s agenda…

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Obama, "Capitalism Sucks Unless I'm The One Making the Big Bucks"

Follow along as we all get some insight into the MILLIONS of dollars Obama has received due to TWO books he “wrote” years ago and hundreds of thousands more in advance for “abridged” (read: pull out all of the muthaf*&^%$* language and admissions to smokin’ dope and snortin’ coke) versions that kids can (read) become indoctrinated with, two “non fiction” tomes and one children’s book…

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ACORN Will Be Knee Deep In 2010 Census Count

Isn’t that great news? A group that hires felons and homeless people who then go around registering phantom voters, dregs of society and people out of the local phone books exclusively for the Democratic party are going to be up to their armpits in the census count next year…

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Dr. Ali Sina, "Obama Came To Power Via Fraud. He Is Not A ’Natural Born’ U.S. Citizen."

The only thing I have an issue with in this article, published in it’s entirety by permission of the author, are the several references to our form of government as a ‘democracy.’ A Representative Republic is the accurate representation of what our founding fathers fought and died for so that we may enjoy, as long as it may last, what we have today. Obama came to power via fraud. He is not a ’natural born’ U.S. citizen…

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Class Versus Crass 101

It’s amazing the difference between how Republicans treat the office of President of the United States versus the way the Democrats trash it. No doubt Obama will drag the Democratic presidential reputation even further into the sewer…

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Harry Reid Needs To Step Down As Senate Leader…NOW!

That very headline should be blaring from every media outlet in this country, ad nauseam, until that worthless piece of Congressional garbage, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is hauled out to the nearest Capitol dumpster and tossed inside. So what’s the beef you say? Well it seems Reid was rather adamant that Blagojevich not send any black people from Chicago to Washington D.C. to fill Barack Obama’s former senate seat, stone cold from years of neglect as it was.

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Climate Change Hysteria And Al Gore's $30,000 Home Energy Bill. Weather Channel Founder Claims Fraud!

Funny how the enviro-weenies had to swap out their beloved “global warming” moniker for the more abstract “climate change” when record cold spells began to take place earlier than they ever had in years all over the world. Al Gore paid nearly $30,000 in combined electricity and natural gas bills for his 10,000 square foot six bedroom Nashville estate in 2006…

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