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It's The Democrats Who Are Destroying America's Common Bond

“Thomas Paine” (Bob Basso) rips into the silent majority who have stood by while the Democrats have dismantled and ripped apart this great nation by dividing everyone into separate groups then pit them against each other and in the process destroyed the common bond of what it means to be an American.

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How Do You Feel About The Word "American" Being Banned From Our Children's School Textbooks?

That’s right folks, the word “American” will no longer be allowed in our children’s textbooks because it is “geographically chauvinistic.” The left wing lunatics that we have allowed to take over the educational system in this country will now insist the term “People of the United States” be used instead. The insanity continues…

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News And Issues Of The Day For Friday March 27th

Here is quick synopsis of some news and issues of the day…

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News And Issues Of The Day For Thursday March 26th

Here is quick synopsis of news and issues of the day…

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U.S. Rancher Sued By Illegal Aliens For Holding Them At Gunpoint While Waiting For The Border Patrol FIVE Years Ago!

A heads up to anybody sneaking onto my property. You will be held at gunpoint and I just might scare the crap out of you in the process. Oh wait….you might sue me if I protect my family and my home when it’s you performing the illegal act? A group of 16 illegal aliens is suing an Arizona rancher, claiming he violated their civil rights, falsely imprisoned them and inflicted emotional distress by holding them at gunpoint on his property along the border…

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Dr. Ali Sina, "Obama Came To Power Via Fraud. He Is Not A ’Natural Born’ U.S. Citizen."

The only thing I have an issue with in this article, published in it’s entirety by permission of the author, are the several references to our form of government as a ‘democracy.’ A Representative Republic is the accurate representation of what our founding fathers fought and died for so that we may enjoy, as long as it may last, what we have today. Obama came to power via fraud. He is not a ’natural born’ U.S. citizen…

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Class Versus Crass 101

It’s amazing the difference between how Republicans treat the office of President of the United States versus the way the Democrats trash it. No doubt Obama will drag the Democratic presidential reputation even further into the sewer…

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Obama May Become A Disaster (From The American Thinker.com)

By their actions ye shall know them. By now we are seeing an ominous pattern of actions by the O administration. We know that President Obama is a very slick liar indeed, but then so was Bill Clinton…

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The American Form Of Government, We're Keeping It Short And Simple For All Those Obama Fans

What a perfect time for a little history lesson considering where this country is right now…

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Leftist Celebrities Pledge Servitude To Their Master, Barack Obama

So a bunch of lefty “celebs” decide now that their guy is president they can break out of the shackles that have held them back for so long and they can finally become decent American…no world!…citizens, something they were obviously unable to accomplish while George Bush was occupying the White House.

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