Leftist Celebrities Pledge Servitude To Their Master, Barack Obama


So a bunch of lefty “celebs” decide now that their guy is president they can break out of the shackles that have held them back for so long and they can finally become decent American…no world!…citizens, something they were obviously unable to accomplish while George Bush was occupying the White House.Some immediate questions to these self serving mind numbed nitwits would be something along the lines of– what was stopping them from only flushing the “loo after a poo” in the past? What stopped them from turning off the lights instead of leaving them on all the time in the past? What prevented them from committing to “ending slavery in the 21st century” (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) in the past? What kept them from “ending hunger in America in the past? What discouraged them from laughing, smiling and loving “more” in the past? What stopped them from “being a great mother-being a great father” in the past? Why now do they pledge to “represent their country with pride, dignity and honesty” when they did just the opposite in the past? Why all of a sudden do they want to stop flipping people off when driving around like they did in the past? Why did they wait until now with a pledge to “find a cure for Alzheimer disease” and to help senior citizens acquire health care? What took these people so long to decide to meet their neighbors and give them a smile and why couldn’t they muster up the ability to do this in the past? Who exactly was it that prevented any of these people from “planting 500 trees” or forced them to drink bottled water in the past? Is there a reason any one of these folks couldn’t have gotten rid of their obnoxious car and bought a hybrid in the past? And who says we have a culture of ignorance just because Obama voters left the booth absolutely clueless on why they voted for the guy?

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A servant to Obama? A SERVANT to Obama??? I thought these dimbulbs just said they want to “end 200 years of slavery?”

After watching and listening to the liberals bash and slam George Bush with a vitriol unlike any I have ever seen in the past my pledge is to hand it right back to all of the empty headed morons that help put this clown into office. Do these idiots honestly think that just because the hard core leftist they supported has now been implanted into the Oval Office the rest of us are just going to go along to get along? HAH! Hardly. It’s game on you lefties and it won’t stop until you are all beaten back into submission and irrelevancy right where y’all belong.

The next couple of years should be great fun.

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