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Comments Following Online News Article Generate Federal Subpoena

A federal grand jury has served a subpoena on the Las Vegas Review Journal requesting the gender, birth date, physical address, telephone number, Internet service provider, IP address and credit card numbers of those people who commented on an May 26 2009 article written about a federal tax fraud and evasion case against area contractor, […]

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Military Veterans' Hope For Saving Mojave Preserve Memorial Rests With U.S. Supreme Court

In 1934 World War l veterans constructed a wooden cross on top of Sunrise Rock in the California Mojave National Preserve as a memorial to not only honor their fellow comrades who didn’t make it home from the war but in fact all Americans who have fallen in battle. The original cross is long gone […]

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ACLU Screams No Bueno When Tax Preparer Office Raided By Colorado DA

Last October a Colorado District Attorney seized records from a tax preparation office that specialized in helping Hispanics, including U.S. citizens and those in the country both legally and illegally, file their tax forms. The DA intended to use these records to investigate identity theft, criminal impersonation and using false or stolen Social Security number […]

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News And Issues Of The Day For Thursday March 26th

Here is quick synopsis of news and issues of the day…

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ACLU Tells Illegal Aliens To Ignore Border Patrol Agents While Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano Demands Answers About ICE Raid

The ACLU is rolling out a program in the state of Washington aimed at informing people that they do not have to speak to Border Patrol agents if they are stopped while going about their daily business. Meanwhile Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano demands answers from ICE over raid that nabbed 28 illegal aliens…

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