"Dr." James David Manning Warns The Long Legged Mac Daddy–White Folks Are Ready To Riot! (UPDATED 11-3-09)

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Seems like we haven’t heard from the good pastor “Dr.” James David Manning for some time around here so let’s grab a chair and listen up for a few minutes…

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Don’t know about that awful singing there “doc” but we sure do love the passion my friend.

Update 11-3-09.

Seems Google owned Youtube has now suspended Dr. James David Manning’s account!

Another Update: “Dr.” Manning says the feds are coming after him for threatening the life of the president.

I don’t really know why but somehow I get the feeling “Dr.” Manning just isn’t a real big fan of Mr. Obama…

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22 Responses to "Dr." James David Manning Warns The Long Legged Mac Daddy–White Folks Are Ready To Riot! (UPDATED 11-3-09)

  1. Angleia Shaginaw says:


    • tim sweeney says:

      It will take a collective effort to bring about the change many dreamed of when electing our presidentlast time out. The slick marketing, careful planning and hard work earned a non-proven total novice a twip2 DC for hopefully just the4 or less years he will serve/destroy this nation. The real estate we are standing on will be mortgaged nearly entireley by China as they will own the banks-if they don’t already.

      In the 40+ years since they opened the DOE they have not successfuly trimmed our dependance on foriegn oil as this was set up to do- why are we allowing this open? 40 years? FIRE THEM

      Hey washington count everycar sold during the cash for clunkers and multiply by maximum credit times qualifying cars sold-
      Congress has given you way too much money as you have not even got close to being out otf the first draw by proof of simple math – 700,000 cars times 4000 dollars 2.8 billion you were given 4 billion where is it? CROOKS STOLE 1.2BILLION RIGHT UNDER EVERYONE’S NOSES AGAIN WHERE IS THE MONEY?

      • tim sweeney says:

        sorry the actul figure is much more unaccounted for as all cars did not receive max and the dealers have not been paid for about 75% so I’m being very conservative-please send them all home November as a sign people if it hurts to put a dem in a repubs seat 4 u just think about fact the repub is lying his/her ass off and does not represent you anyway-

  2. william says:

    yes sir …we wait much longer we won’t have country left to save

  3. barky says:

    For the record just-a-regular-guy absolutely does not advocate, encourage nor endorse the concept of ANY kind of racial conflict amongst the citizens/non citizens living within this country.

  4. Tim says:

    Sir, Thank you for sharing your conviction. Yes I am white, and I agree Obama is doing his best to rip apart America, I don’t believe race black or white has anything to do with it. Aside from that, you are refreshing and give me hope that . . .yes WE can . . .you and I stand together, speak out and get this mess straightened out. Thank you and God bless you for your courage. Thank you, your strengh, and leadership, and frankness . . . WILL keep this from becoming a racial issue.

  5. gabriella says:


  6. Jeff says:

    Thank you & God Bless you, Sir! I am a veteran of the US Army, a patriot and a VERY proud American! I am white and would very much like to have a few moments ‘alone’ with the politicians/media outlets who are looking out for their own interests instead of serving the people, and this great nation, I hope and pray that it won’t have to come to riots. I certainly would like to kick each and every elected official (as well as the media), who are complicit in this mess, out of our country and send them to the communist Utopia of their choosing!!!! Thank you for your passion! Thank you that you are a REAL American!!

  7. TC says:

    Hi, I’m an angry white folk whose all riled-up about the long-legged Mac Daddy usurper. Thanks for representin’…. nobody else has until now. That, my friends, is what you call irony!

  8. Mjean says:

    Manning is a corrupt, sad man who needs our prayers. Anyone who agrees with his points of view should keep it a secret. He is a sorry excuse for a minister.

    • tim sweeney says:

      cast not ye the 1rst sugar- please don’t take sides people let us just pray to have our eyes OPENED to some pretty serious points brought up in this- I have no idea what this man’s personal and private relationship would be with his chosen deity. I do believe the 9 trillion dollar spending spree should get this scary peice of work we call POTUS indicted criminally along with the den of thieves carrying the checkbook around for him- send them all home NOVEMBER jackasses and elephants- the next round the PEOPLE might have gotten their attention what we want to have done in DC fighting is what THEY want us to do to distract us from the fact they are not either of “our” friends- they don’t have a clue what they are doing and need 2 GO NOW

    • dracula1 says:

      this token is not american dr james mannings is a true red white and blue american so i see you as a piece of scum sucking trash may Yahwh have pity on your soul when he send his son back he will dispatch that token trash into hell so becareful what you say trash boy i am a american as for my ancestory dont matter if you want to say this how many negroes fought for the confederacy 100000 and they loved their freedom in the south try that with a southerner of colored descent they would kick your lilly livered rear end big time
      mr obama is another dictator just like abe lincoln the first dictator of the of the united states of america
      the head of the northern agresson against the south by the way lincoln was a racist he hate coloreds and american indians very much
      cracker boy lover

  9. Annie says:

    Dear mjean, You are sorely misinformed and bamboozled by the Media and the Obama Regime if you cannot see that the Reverend Manning is right on! You would be well advised to wise up to what is really going on in this Country or be left in the dust of Her, and Our, destruction!. The USA was founded on Christian Values and Religious Freedom for all! Our Rights and Freedoms are being slowly eroded. There used to be rewards for hard work, now all you have to do is cry “discrimination.” to get paid. The hard working people in this nation are getting fed up with working hard and watching the government take away their hard-earned rewards and give them to the indolent! In the mean time, the government keeps usurping more and more of their Rights and Freedoms!

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  11. Lou says:

    Why don’t all of you get off of President Obama’s d***! You all wish you had half the intelligence he has! All of you just criticize and state the same things over and over! Educate yourselves, and locate the information for yourselves. But, you all are americans! Americans do not read or think for themselves. They wait for one person to dictate your own thoughts! The ones that dislike our President are undeucated poor/working class people. You all are afraid and upset when a person of color is doing better than you! As a Black man, I’ve worked harder than the next man for my goals! No one gave me anything! I do not want anything! So stop bitchin, and get on with your lives. All of sudden, your lives changed since the President took office? Please!!!! you all did not have a life! Go sex your sisters and mothers, and inbreed like you all do!

  12. just a regular guy says:

    Thanks for showing the world what your side really looks like there Lou. Now if you have some time on your hands and are able to fully concentrate for more than a minute or two, perhaps you can educate yourself about true racism against black politicians in this country.

  13. J T says:

    Dr. James D Manning is RIGHT! about what he says about this Terrible US President ‘Barrack H Obama’ The Long legged Mac Daddy!! Bloody Bastard! I Do NOT like him at all! The CUNT!

  14. Liquid Steel says:

    God Bless you Lou,
    Lou you need to get on you’re knees and talk to God.
    Obama is not black, Obama is not white.
    Obama and what he and his supporters want is nothing but “pure Evil” and if an American citizen votes for president simply “because he’s black” is the only invitation satan need to help you out of you’re miserable existence. Peace brother and may God have mercy on you’re soul.

  15. J T is an idiot says:

    I find it unsurprising that there are so many “I am white” messages above. You guys need to look outside the colour of your skin at just what the President is attempting to achieve. He’s trying to save you from yourselves, but you’re too entrenched in your own selfishness.

    Step back. Look at the US from a global perspective. Previous governments have slowly sold bits off to foreign investors, closed down manufacturing, and turned the U.S. into the world’s biggest borrower of cash, while millions have to go without medical aid, while a few thousand of your richest get incredibly richer, and the military stockpiles more weapons.

    Obama is trying to save you. it’s not about black and white, it’s about survival. Go back to the Republicans, and they’ll have you invading somewhere else to try and make up for that which you cannot honestly purchase or make any more. Like Bush, do you want to waste yet more honest American lives to let the rich line their own pockets?

    Is it any wonder that the US is now far more respected, and in fact liked now that the democrats are in power? Yes, that’s right, while you’ve been arguing over who should have the right to own a bigger gun, or who should be able to screw who over for what, he’s been out there fighting for the USA to be respected as a team player, and someone who can be reliably traded with.

    Grow up, and see the situation objectively, and not from your own selfish perspectives.

  16. James says:

    Good on you Preacher James D Manning yours Great man God!! I believe what you say etc This world is sooooooooooo Messed up and what not!!

  17. James says:

    I mean’t “A Great man of God” OK

  18. James says:

    But there again “There are NO Great men of God” Anyways!

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