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Hey Pelosi, I Believe They Were Referred To As "Negros" And "Colored People"—Back Then

Boy I’ll tell ya, the insidious politically correct atmosphere in this country is so delicate that if you are a Republican you really have to be careful you don’t trip over your tongue and say something stupid regarding anything related to race within range of a camera lest it wind up on youtube and then […]

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Georgetown Professor: Obama Runs From Race Issues Like A Black Dude Runs From The Police

Just in case Professor Dyson wasn’t aware, Obama is half white and therefor cannot be considered a full blooded “runnin’ brutha.”

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Rush Limbaugh's "Bo Snerdley" Takes His Buddies In The NFL To Task Over Racism Nonsense

The EIB’s Official Obama Criticizer, “Bo Snerdley,” has a little heart to heart with all his homies in the NFL ‘hood over all this made up racist nonsense surrounding the mega radio talker and his now dashed efforts to become part of a group vying to buy the hapless St. Louis Rams. As usual Rushbo […]

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Reverend Wayne Perryman Schools America About Racism, Democrats And Mr. Obama

The Reverend Wayne Perryman takes a few moments to explain to the leftist dolts out there the true roots of racism and how the Democrat party fits into the historical perspective of the abdominal treatment of Blacks in this country. He also takes to task the bumbling old fool Jimmy Carter, who once referred to […]

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Jimmy Carter–The Worst U.S. President Ever–Says Racism Behind Pushback Against Obama's Marxist Agenda

Does anyone out there recall a former one term Republican president who continually interjected himself into the political arena for years after leaving office in a manner similar to this virulent anti Semite Jimmy Carter? This useless moron was an abject FAILURE as a president of this fine country which is why the American people […]

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Viva La Raza All You White People

Democrat Congressman Gene Green’s townhall meeting in Houston TX on Tuesday August 18 turned a little heated when a group of Mexicans got into it with a group of White folks who were outside the building protesting against illegal immigration. Not the Mexican people mind you but anyone who chooses to enter our country illegally. […]

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Whitey Go Home. Blacks Can Only Be Represented In Congress By Other Blacks

I’m wondering if it would sound a wee bit racist if some Congressional district in this country which happened to be overwhelmingly Caucasian publicly expressed a fear of the possibility that a black person could be elected to represent them in Washington DC? Would it sound racist if the Congressman who has represented the area […]

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Black Female Cambridge Police Officer On Obama–"I Supported Him, I Voted For Him, I Will Not Again"

Well this really had to bite for CNN’s Don Lemon, a guy well known for his rabid and unabashed on air support for Barack Obama, as he went to visit a bunch of Cambridge Massachusetts police officers and ask them how they felt about the charges of racism leveled against Sgt. James Crowley by Obama’s […]

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Henry Louis Gates Jr. Shuckin' And Jivin' Circa 1996

Shedding a little more light on the little loud mouthed punk ass racist Henry Louis Gates Jr.

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Obama Says Cambridge Police "Acted Stupidly" In Arresting Harvard University Professor

During Barack Obama’s Wednesday evening press conference that was supposed to be yet another one of his lame attempts to push his government takeover of our healthcare system into the faces of Americans, who are overwhelmingly not interested in the plan since they are happy with theirs, he was asked a final and completely off […]

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