Hey Pelosi, I Believe They Were Referred To As "Negros" And "Colored People"—Back Then

Boy I’ll tell ya, the insidious politically correct atmosphere in this country is so delicate that if you are a Republican you really have to be careful you don’t trip over your tongue and say something stupid regarding anything related to race within range of a camera lest it wind up on youtube and then naturally all over msnbc, cnn, daily kos and the huffy post for a week and a half.

That said, if you happen to be a San Fransisco uber liberal, third in line to the presidency and Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, it’s okay to bumble and stumble when trying to recall the term that was in vogue at the time of Franklin Roosevelt’s demise when referring to black folks in this country.

Normally, most people couldn’t care less about relatively benign stuff like this but after years of watching Republicans get raked over the coals for the most minor of verbal, supposedly racial, “gaffes” conservatives have pretty much had it with the hypocrisy in the media and from the left when one of their own steps knee deep in it.

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