Black Female Cambridge Police Officer On Obama–"I Supported Him, I Voted For Him, I Will Not Again"

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Well this really had to bite for CNN’s Don Lemon, a guy well known for his rabid and unabashed on air support for Barack Obama, as he went to visit a bunch of Cambridge Massachusetts police officers and ask them how they felt about the charges of racism leveled against Sgt. James Crowley by Obama’s good buddy Harvard professor Henry Gates.

Unless you have been under the ocean for the last two weeks vacationing with Spongebob you have probably heard about the little dust up between Crowley and Gates and how Obama stepped in it big time when he opened his trap to comment on how stupid the Cambridge police force must have been to arrest the “distinguished” professor of black studies who went gutter gangster race baiter on Crowley when he stopped by his house to check on a 911 call about a possible break in attempt.

It had to be especially disheartening to Lemon when two black police officers wholeheartedly supported and backed “this white officer…this sergeant” Crowley. In fact a black female officer went so far as to say that not only was she disappointed in the way Obama interjected himself into a situation he knew nothing about but that her support for him is now gone and she will not be voting for him in the future.

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