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Democrats Enjoyed The Housing Market Meltdown So Much They Want To EXPAND The Community Reinvestment Act

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. -Albert Einstein Have Barney “Bendover” Frank and the rest of his leftist cronies in Congress completely lost their minds or do they really think most of the American people possess the attention span of a typical Daily Kos […]

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Arlen Specter's Views On Government Run Healthcare When Clinton Was President

My my what a difference a decade and a half and a political party flip-flop makes when it comes to Senator Arlen Specter (D-GONE IN 2010). Follow along as he shows, via a fancy graphic, what a mess Bill Clinton’s government run healthcare plan would have been for the American people back in 1994. Of […]

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If You Didn't Like Bill Clinton Or Either Of The George Bush Fellas Before, You Are Probably Gonna Like Them Even Less Now

Alex Jones’ “911 The Road To Tyranny”…

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USMC Veteran, "Let Me Assure You There IS A Resistance Within The Military! We Will NOT Disarm The American People During Martial Law"

A USMC veteran has to hide behind a mask to avoid the inevitable and severe repercussions as he describes how there is a resistance within the military to disarm the American people in the event martial law ever becomes reality in this country…

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America's Great Con Job Takes A Stroll Across The Lawn Onto Air Force One

There was a time when I was certain the two biggest pukes we would ever witness ducking through the door of the Air Force One helo would be Bill and Her Thighness. The Obama’s board Air Force One for Camp David…

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Class Versus Crass 101

It’s amazing the difference between how Republicans treat the office of President of the United States versus the way the Democrats trash it. No doubt Obama will drag the Democratic presidential reputation even further into the sewer…

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Obama Says America's World "Image" Is More Important Than The Security Of Her Citizens While Bringing Tax Cheats, Other Questionable People Into Administration

Elections have consequences and we will surely pay for the one we just had, every time we turn around, for the next four years. Stupid, naive and dangerous can be the only way to describe Mr. Obama as he proclaimed that the safety and security of the American citizens comes second, essentially, to perceptions of the world towards our country and of course his own deeply held beliefs…

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Police Make Dope Bust In Upstate New York, Heroin Packets Stamped "OBAMA"

In what could only be described as an Obamanation some dope dealers in upstate New York thought it would be a terrific idea to name the heroin products they offered for sale in little envelopes ‘Obama’…

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Obama, "Change You Can Believe In?" Or More Like "Chained To The Previous Administration's Well Thought Out Policies?"

In a most un-stunning development the Obama administration takes the very same stance as the Bush crew when it comes to the concept of a U.S. president bypassing Congress and establishing a program “eavesdropping on Americans without warrants” as many like to phrase it. I am looking forward to hearing all the howling from those on the left that have railed against George Bush these last eight years concerning this issue when they find out Obama is gonna be trotting down the very same path…

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Obama Needs To Learn How To Salute Properly Or As The Liberals Would Say, "He Just Had Hope And Change In His Eyes."

Images can be much more powerful that phony words, culled from focus group sittings and polling efforts then spoken with the aid of a teleprompter. Here we have Obama in what appears to be the lamest attempt ever and offering a military salute….well except for Bill Clinton that is. Let the excuses fly.

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