Obama Says America's World "Image" Is More Important Than The Security Of Her Citizens While Bringing Tax Cheats, Other Questionable People Into Administration


Elections have consequences and we will surely pay for the one we just had, every time we turn around, for the next four years. Stupid, naive and dangerous can be the only way to describe Mr. Obama as he proclaimed that the safety and security of the American citizens comes second, essentially, to perceptions of the world towards our country and of course his own deeply held beliefs.

When Obama decided to do a little showboating and signed an executive order directing the closure of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay it was obvious he put little thought into what he was doing and where the people being held there where going to go once they were removed from the military jail. Showboating I say? Yes, if he wanted to close the thing he makes a bold stand, signs an order and it gets done, like right now! Instead, as usual, he takes the easy way out and dictates the detention facility will be closed “within a year” which is a convenient way to put the issue on the back burner while pretending to have taken decisive action, his fawning and clueless supporters thusly distracted from the matter.

Of course George W. Bush also wanted to empty the terrorist detention center as far back as 2006 fully aware that European governments, the UN and various human rights groups were beside themselves over the U.S. holding inmates as “enemy combatants” without trial, charges, or any prospect of release claiming it was “cruel and unlawful.”

“I’d like to close Guantanamo,” Mr Bush said. “But I also recognise that we’re holding some people that are darned dangerous, and that we’d better have a plan to deal with them in our courts.

Funny thing is that while handing out criticism comes fairly easy from these European countries, when it’s time to step up and do their part to assist in the closing of the facility and accept some responsibility they want nothing to do with the bad guys when they are released.

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The Pentagon has released information claiming dozens of ex detainees from Guantanamo have returned to the terrorist activities that landed them there in the first place including one guy that was released after six years and is now an al-Qaida commander in Yemen.

So what is this rant all about you ask?

Mr. Obama gave an interview to NBC that was aired today and the discussion revolved around the closing of the Guantanamo terrorist detention facility and the fate of those held within.

President Obama said he is worried that detainees freed from the military prison at Guantanamo Bay might resume attacks on this country – but argued that its closure had to be done in order to “uphold” what he called “our values.”

“Can we guarantee that they’re not going to try to participate in another attack? No,” Obama said in an NBC interview that aired today.

“But what I can guarantee is that if we don’t uphold our Constitution and our values, that over time that will make us less safe. And that will be a recruitment tool for organizations like al-Qaeda.”

In one of the first acts of his new administration, Obama signed an executive order directing that Guantanamo be closed within a year.

Some 250 terrorists are being held there – many of them detained following the Sept. 11 attacks without charge and some subjected to interrogation that human rights groups say amounted to torture.

But critics fear some of the detainees may again plot to attack the US once they are released.

“Is it going to be easy?” Obama said in the interview. “No, because we’ve got a couple hundred of hard-core militants that, unfortunately, because of … problems that we had previously in gathering evidence, we may not be able to try in ordinary courts but we don’t want to release.”

Obama also expressed confidence that his administration would ultimately find a solution balancing security and US legal values.

“I have to make the very best judgments I can make in terms of what’s going to keep the American people safe and … what’s going to uphold our Constitution and our traditions of due process,” he said. “And what I’m convinced of is [that] we can balance those interests in a way that makes all of us proud, but also assures that we’re not attacked.”

Unbelievable! The guy that claims to be so concerned about our Constitution, our so called “image” around the world (I have an idea, if the world thinks this country sucks so badly then how about y’all STOP COMING HERE!) and our values yet look at some of the people he has chosen to work with in his administration.

Tom Daschle, Obama’s nominee to head the Department of Health and Human Service, admitted last week he had not paid more than $128,000 in back taxes over the past several years. He made $5.3 million in the past two years, yet didn’t pay all his taxes until he was selected by Obama for the position.

Tim Geithner, Obama’s Treasury Secretary nominee, and the guy that will be in charge of the IRS, admitted he was careless in failing to pay $34,000 to the Internal Revenue Service between 2001 and 2004 referring to the issue as “careless mistakes” and unavoidable. “They were unintentional,” he told the Senate finance committee. “I should have been more careful.”

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson withdrew his name from consideration as Commerce Secretary ” because of a pay-to-play” scandal in the awarding of a state contract to a company that contributed to Richardson.

Rahm Emanuel, caught on tape discussing Obama’s vacated U.S. Senate seat with impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, after denials that these conversations took place. He is also, like Obama, a fierce opponent of the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Eric Holder, Obama’s nominee for Attorney General who was neck deep in the infamous Bill Clinton pardon of fugitive Marc Rich. Read all about this fiasco here. He, like Emanuel and Obama, is another fervent opponent of the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Hillary Clinton, Obama’s Secretary of State nominee, has a big conflict of interest problem what with her husband accepting some $492 million to his Clinton Global Initiative from its inception in 1997 through last year including at least $46 million (Mr. Clinton only provide “ranges” for the donors, refusing to be specific about where and how much money came from who) from foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman, middle eastern countries Mrs. Clinton will be negotiating with over important issues such as oil supplies to the U.S., protection from rogue nations and cooperation between nations concerning terrorist activities. Oh yeah, she is another Obama administration official that does not believe in the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Obama vowed during his campaign that lobbyists “won’t find a job in my White House.”

Tom Daschle was a special policy adviser for the lobbying law firm Alston & Bird. And in his three years there, the firm has earned more than $16 million representing some of the health care industry’s most powerful interests before the department he’s in line to lead.

William Lynn, currently a vice president and lobbyist for one of the country’s biggest defense contractors will be Obama’s deputy secretary of defense.

In fact word on the street is Obama has had to issue a total of 17 waivers to his “no lobbyist” rule to date!

So let me get this straight. Obama wants to improve our standing around the world by appointing tax cheats, liars, people that do not support our Constitution and directly contradicts himself with this “no lobbyists” rule that was nothing but BS from the get go. Yes, that should impress all of those socialist nations that had such a beef with Bush…after all that’s the same way the program runs in those countries!

Makes sense now why they all love this guy so much doesn’t it?

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