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T-Enterprise Walks Back On Rendition Guantanamo

There was once a concept for a new Microsoft X-Box game called “Rendition Guantanamo.” This game was supposedly set in the future, sometime after the U.S. “sold” the base to “Freedom Corporation” run by a bunch of “mercenaries.” The game begins with players taking on the role of new detainees brought into the prison wearing […]

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Uber Liberal Rachel Maddow Gives Obama Swift Kick To The Groin

How’s all that hope and change nonsense workin’ out for all you left wing nutjobs these days? Other than presenting a big smoke and mirrors act about closing down the terrorist prison in Guantanamo Bay some time in the future Barack Obama hasn’t really done a whole lot to undue the policies and procedures of […]

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Obama To Hold Terror Detainees Indefinitely Without Trial?

Obama takes a big swallow of reality as the new guy tries to figure what to do with people who are far too dangerous to release and do not qualify to be tried in civilian courts. Sounds like deja vu all over again doesn’t it? Where have we heard this subject line before? Oh that’s […]

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Taxpayers To Fund Building Of New Prison So Obama Can Fulfill Idiotic Campaign Promise

I have a swell idea, since Obama has made the purely political and idiotic decision to close the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention center, which cost U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars to whip into shape so that it could securely hold hundreds of hard core anti-American murderous fanatics 90 miles across an ocean, why don’t we […]

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Andrew McCarthy Rejects Invitation To Join Obama Administration Task Force

From the nrinstitute.org here is a letter from former New York Assistant United States Attorney Andrew McCarthy to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder rejecting an invitation to join the Obama administration’s Task Force on Detention Policy and the reasons behind his decision. / / / / May 1, 2009 By email (to the Counterterrorism Division) […]

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Obama Says America's World "Image" Is More Important Than The Security Of Her Citizens While Bringing Tax Cheats, Other Questionable People Into Administration

Elections have consequences and we will surely pay for the one we just had, every time we turn around, for the next four years. Stupid, naive and dangerous can be the only way to describe Mr. Obama as he proclaimed that the safety and security of the American citizens comes second, essentially, to perceptions of the world towards our country and of course his own deeply held beliefs…

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Obama Orders Missile Strikes In Pakistan Killing 22 People, Reportedly Women And Children Among Them

In an effort to appease all of the anti-war protesters that helped vote him into office (sarcasm intended) Mr. Obama ordered Predator missile strikes into tribal regions of Pakistan along the Afghanistan border last Friday killing “at least 22 people” many reported to be women and children. In addition it was reported that a separate raid by American military personnel in Afghanistan “killed 16 civilians” prompting condemnation from Afghan president, Hamid Karzai.

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Iraqi Shoe Thrower Gains Fame And Following In U. S. As Codepink Dimbulbs Become Giddy With Glee

The world is momentarily in love with someone other than Obama and all it took was throwing a couple of size 10s at George Bush’s head. That’s right folks the guy that winged his wingtips at the President when he was making a farewell speech in Iraq the other day is not only a hero to lots of folks in the Arab world he even has some people in this country pinning his picture up on their bedroom walls in adoration. People such as the George Soros funded codepink anti war gang of clueless nitwits…

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