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Obama–Chavez The Before And After

Before: (The next time try looking these tin pot dictators directly in the eye Obama especially when they are doing their best to look right through you. When you don’t and keep looking down that is a sign of weakness that every gangbanger on the planet recognizes.) After…they are suddenly BFF! “S’up homie?!” So how […]

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Obama Orders Missile Strikes In Pakistan Killing 22 People, Reportedly Women And Children Among Them

In an effort to appease all of the anti-war protesters that helped vote him into office (sarcasm intended) Mr. Obama ordered Predator missile strikes into tribal regions of Pakistan along the Afghanistan border last Friday killing “at least 22 people” many reported to be women and children. In addition it was reported that a separate raid by American military personnel in Afghanistan “killed 16 civilians” prompting condemnation from Afghan president, Hamid Karzai.

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