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Dr. James David Manning Connects The Saudi, Barack Hussein Obama Dots

According to pastor Dr. James David Manning: The Saudis bought the 2008 election for Obama. The Saudis, with the assistance of Khalid al-Mansour and Percy Sutton, donated millions to Columbia University. Columbia University covered for Obama while he was actually in Pakistan and Afghanistan instead of in the classroom. Columbia University gave Obama an unearned […]

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A Christmas Greeting From A REAL American President

Ah the good old days…

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The Obama's White House Christmas Tree Features Communist Chinese Chairman Mao, Transvestite Hedda Lettuce Ornaments

In addition there hangs a special tree decoration plastered with Barack Hussein Obama’s ugly ass mug wedged between some truly great presidents up on historic Mt. Rushmore. True to form, the Obama’s claim they were completely unaware that these despicable ornaments were displayed upon the Blue Room Christmas tree inside of America’s White House. biggovernment.com–Why […]

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If Only Jack Webb Really Had The Chance To Rip Obama A New One

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Barack Hussein Obama's Campaign Manager Couldn't Be More Pathetic

David Plouffe, the man who helped create and present to America one of the biggest frauds we may ever see in our lifetime, Barack Hussein Obama, is apparently broke on his ass. I mean, why else would he be webcamming a whining plea from inside of some low rent budget hotel room trying to desperately […]

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Chris Matthews: West Point Was Enemy Camp For Obama Tonight (Updated 12-3-09)

MSNBC’s basement rated talk show blatherer Chris Matthews is simply aghast at what he perceives to be a rather chilly reception from military cadets at West Point during Barack Hussein Obama’s appearance this evening to announce the deployment of an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. Matthews went so far as to suggest Obama had stumbled […]

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Watch Barack Hussein Obama's Nonchalant Response To Fort Hood Massacre By Muslim Whackjob

If anyone was a little wobbly over Barack Hussein Obama’s dedication to our armed forces in the past the news conference he gave after the massacre of American citizens and soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas by a crazed muslim should quickly clear up any lingering doubts. Many have questioned Obama’s eligibility to serve as […]

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Dr. James David Manning: Lovers Of Barack Hussein Obama Hate America

Barack Hussein Obama’s number one fan, the good Dr. James David Manning, gives us another of his fabulous videos and as usual he gets right to the point and tells it like it is, whether you like it or not. Political correctness can’t be found anywhere in this man’s vocabulary and that’s why we love […]

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Obama Flip Flops on Tort Reform

Author: Guest Blogger Stephen Is Obama this desperate to push through state-run health care? First he flips on the public option and now Tort reform. Sure one can change their mind but with all the mind-changing Americans will be utterly confused on what Obama truly believes in. That may very well be the intent, to […]

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Barrack Muluka To Barack Obama–Kenya Will Do Just Fine Without You

As I read through the accompanying article I couldn’t help but get the feeling that the writer, Barrack Muluka, had so much more to tell us about Barack Hussein Obama but for some reason decided, or maybe someone made the decision for him, to hold something back. One thing is certain, Muluka is no fan […]

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