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Hey Joe Biden, The Name Of The Movie Is A-v-a-t-a-r

The film Avatar has been a worldwide blockbuster since it’s release last month and has become the highest grossing film in history in record time. I’m reasonably certain even my dog is aware of that fact but we can always count on the man who is one step away from the presidency to be clueless […]

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Barack Hussein Obama, Keeping It Classy as Always

Different venue same middle finger face scratch: Same style cheap shot at John McCain: …fast forward to yesterday when we had the commander-in-chief not so subtly flipping the face scratch bird as he announced the mayor of Bethlehem, PA, John Callahan, who supported Hillary Clinton during the Democratic presidential primary.

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H.R.1503, Future Presidential Candidates Must Prove Eligibility

Florida Republican Congressional Representative Bill Posey has introduced H.R.1503, a bill that will compel future presidential candidates to definitively prove their eligibility prior to running for office…

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How International Bankers And Shysters Like George Soros Gained Control Of Our Lives In America

Many may remember during the recent presidential campaign that John McCain was actually ahead of Barack Obama in the polls when suddenly and almost over night “the economy” went to hell in a handbasket. I found it rather odd and in fact suspicious that the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch etc., primarily due to the subprime mortgage meltdown, happened to occur at precisely the perfect time to help Obama surge past McCain and into the Oval Office. History has shown that when the country is in a financial bind during elections the citizens boot the incumbent party out in favor of the opposition. That axiom sure worked out well for Obama now didn’t it?

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H.R. 2458, The 'Enumerated Powers Act.' Its Time Has Come, Let's Put An End To The Madness!

Every year since 1995Arizona Congressman John Shadegg has introduced the “Enumerated Powers Act” legislation and every year his fellow Congressional members bury it in a pile of nay votes. Why does this bill go down in a ball of flames session after session? Why would the people we send to Washington DC to do our bidding within the confines and constrictions of our founding document think it would be unnecessary to make sure everything they do complies with what is laid out in the Constitution?

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Obama Vows To Be Sworn In Using Full (Hussein) Name. Promises To Immediately Begin Kissing Muslim Ass.

In what comes as no shock to anyone that has spent more than an hour researching what information was available concerning his background Barack Hussein Obama has declared he will be sworn into office as president using his entire name of Barack Hussein Obama. Throughout the presidential campaign his handlers made sure to quickly attack and disparage anyone using Obama’s middle name of Hussein calling them racist and “hateful.”

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Let's Hope We Never find Out.

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John McCain POW Video.

10-23-08 Newly released video of John McCain who spent five and a half years locked up in Vietnam’s Hanoi Hilton.

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"Our Country Deserves Better" than Barack Obama.

10-15-08 The “Our Country Deserves Better” PAC is led by former CA assemblyman Howard Kaloogian who was instrumental in the recall of former CA governor Gray Davis and they are on a mission. The group is planning on holding 35 rallies throughout the country in support of John McCain/Sarah Palin and in opposition to Barack […]

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"McCain-Palin Tradition" by Hank Williams Jr.

10-14-08 Here’s Hank Williams Jr. beltin’ one out for the McCain-Palin ticket. I’m not all that much into the twangy stuff but ol Hank threw some pretty cool lyrics into this one…

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