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Dr John C. Drew: I Saw Obama As A Pure Marxist Socialist

Well well we finally get to hear from someone who actually knew the young Barry Obama when he attended Occidental College back in 1980, Dr. John C. Drew…. “…he definitely saw America as the enemy…”

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The Ass Chewing Someone Needs To Give To Obama

If only a single Congressional member would strap on a pair and give Obama this kind of ass kicking! It won’t change anything but it would be fun to watch…

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Al Gore Jr. Hypes Climate Change Nonsense To Kids While Telling Them Their Parents Are Clueless

Glenn Beck got a call to his radio show yesterday from one pissed off parent. Al Gore Jr. was unknowingly captured on tape attempting to brainwash a bunch of kids during a school visit with his alarmist climate change garbage. Really now, how hard is it to get a bunch of 12 year olds wound up?

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Robert Reich-White Guys Need Not Apply Because It's Payback Time For America Folks!

Apparently Robert Reich, a former Secretary of Labor during Bill Clinton’s first term and now a professor at the University of California, Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, (go figure) seems to have some kind of beef with white guys applying for jobs that will be “created” by the new Obama administration. While testi-lying before Congress the four foot nothing Reich expressed his concerns about all these feel-good-make-work-type-of-employment-opportunities Obama and his team are preparing to foist upon the American taxpayers (a dwindling lot such as they are) going to highly skilled professionals or *gasp* white guys….you know, the vast majority of the folks that fund the entitlements politicians like to hand out so they can keep getting re-elected…

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Obama Vows To Be Sworn In Using Full (Hussein) Name. Promises To Immediately Begin Kissing Muslim Ass.

In what comes as no shock to anyone that has spent more than an hour researching what information was available concerning his background Barack Hussein Obama has declared he will be sworn into office as president using his entire name of Barack Hussein Obama. Throughout the presidential campaign his handlers made sure to quickly attack and disparage anyone using Obama’s middle name of Hussein calling them racist and “hateful.”

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Obama Wins! Stock Market Tanks!

11-06-08 The stock market took it’s biggest two day dive ever following a U.S. presidential election but we know the media will somehow spin this bad news away from Obama as they have ever since he became a nominee for the top job. It would defy logic to expect anyone to be concerned about his […]

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Senator Obama, Meet Mr. Cory Miller. He'd Like To Have A Chat With You.

11-01-08 Another example of an American citizen that has worked hard for what he has and provided solid good paying jobs for his community. People that are proud to get up every morning and go to work for their families. This is what America has always been about and trying to “change” it to a […]

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Democrats For John McCain.

10-26-08 These people know the truth especially Hillary Clinton. It must suck for her and Bill to go around this country trying to (halfheartedly) promote the guy that was selected over her as the Democratic nominee this presidential election. As a life long conservative I will be the first to admit she would have smoked […]

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