"Our Country Deserves Better" than Barack Obama.


The “Our Country Deserves Better” PAC is led by former CA assemblyman Howard Kaloogian who was instrumental in the recall of former CA governor Gray Davis and they are on a mission. The group is planning on holding 35 rallies throughout the country in support of John McCain/Sarah Palin and in opposition to Barack Obama/Joe Biden. The latter part of the previous statement could prove to be very important considering what a lame job the media has done “covering” the never ending stream of questionable dealings, ACORN and the voter registration fraud scandals and the troubling associations with unsavory characters in Obama’s past. Biden is just too stupid for words so I’m not sure how they will rally against him. 🙂

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The tour bus hits the road from Sacramento, CA today and will cross the country visiting several battleground states before winding up in Washington D.C. in about two weeks. From their website:

The Our Country Deserves Better committee is determined to tell the truth that is not being told by many in the media and among our national leaders: Barack Obama is an inexperienced, far-left, naive, “Blame America First” arrogant liberal, and that our country deserves better for our next President and Commander-in-Chief.

The group’s itinerary includes stops in many “battleground” states several of which just so happen to have active and ongoing voter registration fraud investigations. An interesting tactic the PAC will employ is asking people that come out in support of the rallies to bring their resumes with them and for good reason.

Bring a copy of your resume to the rallies! That’s right, we’ll be collecting resumes from people at stops all across the nation, so if you have any executive experience — either as someone who ran or started your own small business, or a housemom who raised a family, or a senior-level executive who had high-level responsibilities, etc… be sure to bring your resume with you to the rally in your community.

We’ll display the giant stack of resumes for the national media at the end of our tour in Washington, D.C. And not only that, but we’ll also select 3 of the resumes and fly out those individuals, on our dime, to our Washington, D.C. news conference on Wednesday, October 29th as we highlight the fact that all those Americans who submitted resumes at our tour stops had more executive experience than Barack Obama, who now wants to be president & Commander in Chief of the United States! We’ll also make you available for media appearances/interviews if you’re up to it!

No doubt Obama’s minions are already working on the “protest postings” on his official website and I’m sure these lowlife scumbags will again show up with their disgusting tee shirts, vile language and childish behavior. Oh yeah and I will bet a large beer there will be a few people in the McCain crowds that will spit out some hateful racist comments and you can be sure they are really Obama ringers trying to make Republicans look bad. You can also take it to the bank that will be the only thing the lamestream media will cover. This stuff is just so predictable!

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