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Barack Obama Lifts Ban On HIV/AIDS Infected Immigrants Into America

I wish someone could explain to me exactly what the upside is in allowing people infected with the HIV/AIDS disease to now emigrate into our country after being banned from doing so for years? Have we not been hammered by Obama and his liberal allies in Congress over the last year or so about how […]

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Barack Obama Pleads With Conservatives: Get Off My Back! I've Accomplished Absolutely Nothing…Yet!

I’m wondering if those of us on the right are being just a little bit too rough on ol Barack Hussein Obama considering the man has really accomplished very little since becoming president except of course deliberately jacking up any chance of an economic recovery here in America any time soon and blowing record amounts […]

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Obama To Cut Number Of Agents Patrolling Mexican Border By Nearly 400 In 2010

As news reports of potential terrorist attacks in our country pour in almost daily the Obama administration has inexplicably decided to CUT the number of agents patrolling our southern border with Mexico by nearly 400 personnel in fiscal 2010 starting in just about a week. Many of these agents will be shifted to the Canadian […]

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American History Teacher Fired For Conservative Views

Conservatives who are open about their political views are a rare breed indeed within the so called educational system in this country and a 19 year veteran high school American history and government teacher, Tim Latham a married father of three, has apparently paid the price for failing to just go with the liberal flow […]

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Uber Liberal Rachel Maddow Gives Obama Swift Kick To The Groin

How’s all that hope and change nonsense workin’ out for all you left wing nutjobs these days? Other than presenting a big smoke and mirrors act about closing down the terrorist prison in Guantanamo Bay some time in the future Barack Obama hasn’t really done a whole lot to undue the policies and procedures of […]

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Biden Slams Obama Over Teleprompter Dependence During Air Force Academy Graduation

It’s like opening a gift every day whenever Joe Biden has his muzzle removed. I wonder what it the heck ole Hair Plugs is alluding to? Perhaps something like this?

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Obama Kicks Kindergarten Kiddies To Curb In Favor Of Pittsburgh Steelers

Man what a crying shame for these 100 or so little munchkins. The plan was to show up at the White House with buses full of bored, agitated, hungry and urine filled kindergartners so they could take a grand tour of the White House but alas the costly effort didn’t pan out allegedly due to […]

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U.S. To Provide United Arab Emirates With Nuclear Technology

Evidently there are no wild eyed lefty evirowhacks over there in the UAE so the country is preparing, with the help and knowledge of American companies and the U.S. government, to surge forward with the planning and building of several nuclear power plants to meet an expected future need of 40,000 megawatts of electricity. The […]

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Detainee Abuse Photos Are Nothing Compared To Truly Evil Torture

Nobody in their right mind would, or should, want to subject another human being to deliberate and brutal torture for the sheer perverted pleasure of watching them suffer, anywhere, ever. That said it is always easy years later to look back and criticize the methods a previous administration utilized, in an undeniably successful effort to […]

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White House Press Briefing Resembles Kindergarten Classroom

Obama, no doubt with one eye on the Rasmussen and Gallup websites, has decided he may not release the photographs of incarcerated terrorists, who were allegedly abused by their military jailers, for the time being. While Obama and his people claim he is worried about the safety of our military personnel fighting in Iraq and […]

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