American History Teacher Fired For Conservative Views

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Conservatives who are open about their political views are a rare breed indeed within the so called educational system in this country and a 19 year veteran high school American history and government teacher, Tim Latham a married father of three, has apparently paid the price for failing to just go with the liberal flow on campus.

The now former Lawrence Kansas high school teacher drew the ire of school administration officials last year because he did not interrupt his normally scheduled classroom activities to show the inauguration of Barack Obama to his students. In addition he was told by the assistant principal of Lawrence High School, Jan Gentry, that his TeacherWeb personal website was “too patriotic” after a student went to Gentry and complained Latham was “picking” on Obama during class. I read that as one snot nosed student didn’t like the fact that Latham didn’t follow the usual Obama slobbering hero worshiping garbage that the rest of the teachers at the school had been displaying. Besides, we certainly can’t have educators who are teaching our kids about American history and government being too patriotic now can we? Gentry also questioned Latham about a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on his personal vehicle saying, “I don’t know how you could support that woman.” Yeah, that clueless walking gaffe machine Joe “Stand up Chuck!” Biden has been a real success story since taking office huh Ms. Gentry?

After his website was deemed too patriotic, and before he was fired, Latham claims the administration forced him to remove many items last month apparently including everything under the “Links” and “Terrorism” tabs which show a last updated date of May 11, 2009. It would be interesting to know if these same school administrators had forced any teachers to remove anything in the past, including any links to liberal resources, from their sites.

As far as Latham not disrupting his class by showing Obama’s inauguration, he had this to say in a Fox News Interview,

“I’ve never shown an inauguration,” he said. “I never showed any of Bush’s; I wouldn’t have shown McCain’s. I was not showing any bias towards Obama … I didn’t intend to interrupt the class.”

Interestingly a black North Carolina elementary school teacher, Diantha Harris, didn’t get fired or discipled last year for brow beating little kids in her classroom when they said they supported John McCain. Here she clearly denigrates McCain supporters and the little girl who’s parents are in the military while praising those who said they wanted to see Obama become president. Personally I get the feeling she is actually holding back a bit with what she really wants to say due to the cameras in the classroom.

In addition she isn’t shy about wearing an Obama ’08 button on her shirt even during school functions. What the hell is up with that? Any teacher wearing a McCain button would have been told to remove it immediately and you can take that to the bank! We can only speculate as to whether school administrators were afraid to confront Harris over the clearly inappropriate display of support for Obama on school grounds simply because she is black.

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Latham also addressed a rumor that had begun to make the rounds at the school that he had compared Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler by explaining the context of what had occurred in the classroom that day the discussion took place.

There has been a rumor going around that the main reason I was non-renewed is because I supposedly compared Obama to Hitler. I have been receiving some pretty nasty e-mails about it so I feel I must speak.

This is completely and totally false. I NEVER compared Obama to Hitler.

This is what happened and where the rumor comes from:

In a good GOVERNMENT class you learn about ALL forms of government. On one particular day we were discussing the various forms of government; i.e. Democracy, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, etc. The difference between dictators, Prime Ministers, and Presidents, etc. We talked about many differences between the Democratic and Republican platforms. You have to understand I had VERY GOOD students who asked great questions leading to great discussions.

As we were talking about fascism (a gov’t that allows private property ownership but maintains strict control over banking and major industry) a
student asked me what governments were fascist. The term was familiar but he couldn’t remember why. I pointed out that Benito Mussolin (Italy) and Adolf Hitler (Germany) of WWII were the most famous fascist dictators. Another student made a comment asking how someone like Hitler gets in power. I explained that he had actually been DEMOCRACTICALLY ELECTED… something many people don’t realize. He then became a dictator and took over control of everything. Another student asked how someone like Hitler could get elected? I stated that people didn’t realize he was going to become the person he did. Germany was suffering worse than any country in the world from the Great Depression (economic crisis), Germany was still angry over the Treaty of Versailles (WWI) and Hitler was a very good public speaker and told the people exactly what they wanted to hear. He made a lot of promises and appealed to the masses.

Please read the rest of Latham’s posting here>>>

A former student of Latham’s, and self described liberal–Chloe Mercer, said his class was her favorite and although his conservative leanings would occasionally come out he was always fair to students when it came to both sides of the issues. Addressing his decision to not show Obama’s inauguration and how he treated kids with different views than his own Ms. Mercer said,

“He chose not to show it, but he printed out Obama’s speech and we read it and discussed what we felt was good about it. He was fair. He listened to all sides of every issue. He actually made print-outs of every candidate and how they felt on certain hot-button issues. He was very good about looking at both candidates. Sometimes his conservative side would show, but my opinion along with anyone else’s was always valued.”

Now it seems to me that an American history and government teacher who allows students to freely discuss the issues without ramming their own personal thoughts and opinions down the kids’ throats would be someone we would WANT educating our children no matter which side of the aisle one strolls….correct? So why in the world wouldn’t Lawrence High School renew Latham’s contract other than the fact he isn’t shy about being a conservative?

Mercer says she would like to know the answer to that question too,

“It’s really disappointing because he’s a really good teacher,” she said. “It doesn’t seem fair. Why would they let a good teacher go?”

Current and former students have set up a Facebook page for others to express their encouragement and support of Latham’s efforts to regain his teaching position and he says he has been inspired because of these types of efforts and will indeed fight to get his job back.

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  2. Scott Schoemann says:

    Lawrence Kansas is your typical COLLEGE town… loaded with those who eat, breathe and excrete the liberal agenda, it is not surprising that they would stoop to the lowest level to remove anyone who would dare attempt to teach the truth about history, not the revisionist version that the PARTY embraces. We have seen this bias nation wide. It’s time that the parents of the students being taught half truths by less than qualified “educators” take control of the local school systems and start supporting real teachers like Tim Latham, who DO teach and educate, instead of indoctrinate.

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