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Hey Joe Biden, The Name Of The Movie Is A-v-a-t-a-r

The film Avatar has been a worldwide blockbuster since it’s release last month and has become the highest grossing film in history in record time. I’m reasonably certain even my dog is aware of that fact but we can always count on the man who is one step away from the presidency to be clueless […]

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Barack Hussein Obama, Keeping It Classy as Always

Different venue same middle finger face scratch: Same style cheap shot at John McCain: …fast forward to yesterday when we had the commander-in-chief not so subtly flipping the face scratch bird as he announced the mayor of Bethlehem, PA, John Callahan, who supported Hillary Clinton during the Democratic presidential primary.

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More Obama Hypocrisy Exposed: Opposed To Forced Healthcare Coverage During Democrat Primary…

(psssst…these days, not so much.) Let’s go back a year and a half or so and watch as Barack Obama declared he was opposed to government mandated, under the penalty of fines or wage garnishment, healthcare insurance coverage during his Democrat primary campaign against Hillary Clinton.

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Hillary Clinton Ready To Abandon The U.S.S Obamatanic?

The Weekly Standard.com is floating the possibility that Hillary Clinton is considering giving up her Secretary of State position and jump the hell off the U.S.S Obamatanic and run for governor of New York. Considering most of Obama’s cabinet positions appear to be nothing more than symbolic due to the fact he has some 33 […]

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Hillary Clinton, "Obama Considers Himself A Son Of Africa"

…as do millions of folks here in America, most of Europe and virtually everyone in Africa. He ain’t fooling anyone anymore. I wonder if he needs a passport to visit home? I wonder which country’s passports he traveled on in his younger days? So many questions…so few answers. Reuters–He wasn’t there but Hillary Clinton leaned […]

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Who In The Hell Are Obama And Hillary To Threaten The Hondurans?

Hillary Clinton, surely on orders from the Obama White House, telephoned the newly sworn in president of Honduras, Roberto Micheletto, from India yesterday and threatened to withhold tens of millions in U.S. aid while demanding deposed former president Manuel Zelaya, who’s approval rating in the country was right around 25% at the end of 2008, […]

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Obama Appoints A U.S. Ambassador To "The Muslim World"

I’m not sure just where the so called “Muslim World” is but evidently we now have our very first ambassador to that “place.” The US State Department has appointed its first Special Representative to Muslim Communities. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Farah Pandith would play a leading role in US efforts to “engage Muslims […]

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Supreme Court Takes Hillary Movie Case, Yawns At Obama Natural Born Issue

The full panel of the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to take a look a case concerning a documentary titles Hillary The Movie yet refuses to even consider several lawsuits that have been brought against Barack Hussein Obama challenging his eligibility to hold the office of president…

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You Know He's Lying Because His Lips Are Moving

Obama says he will allow no lobbyists’ influence while he brings lobbyists into his administration, he says his administration will be open and transparent while his press secretary refuses to answer questions, he says as president he will make it impossible for lobbyists or Congressmen to slip pork barrel projects into bills while he signs the largest pork barrel bill in history…

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Senator Judd Gregg Backs Away From Commerce Secretary Job, Says Viagra Wore Off Sooner Than Expected After Learning More About Obama's Plans For Him

Meet the very first person that has decided they weren’t going to be part of the Obama administration, after being asked to hop aboard, who was able to walk away based on his principles rather than yet another scandal. Republican Senator Judd Gregg has decided to take a walk from the Commerce Secretary job…

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