Supreme Court Takes Hillary Movie Case, Yawns At Obama Natural Born Issue


Yes I know this natural-born-citizen-in-order-to-hold-the-office-of-vice-president-and-president stuff is a really complicated issue for the feeble minded but seriously the United States Supreme Court has agreed to take on a case concerning a movie about Hillary Clinton yet won’t touch whether or not a sitting president is eligible to hold the office?

You have to be kidding me?

I could care less what the left wing fairweather so called Constitution perfervid say about this natural born situation, you know the very same ones who have been crying their eyes out over George W. Bush’s bowhacking of our founding documents for the last five years, it’s right there…Article II Section I. The intent of the framers is clear and has been adjudicated by previous SCOTUS justices, this isn’t even a tough one.

Hundreds of thousands have signed a petition to have the case heard, hundreds of military personnel, both active and retired-but-subject-to-recall, have joined a lawsuit aimed at getting to the bottom of this nonsense and millions just want this situation cleared up one way or the other yet Obama refuses to release even his college records for review let alone his real birth certificate.

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Let’s face it Obama was chosen because the crooked bastards yanking the chains behind the scenes felt much more comfortable he would be able to deliver the brand of BS the dumbed down braindead half the country would be willing to buy than they would with Clinton. If someone, no matter what political stripes they think they wear, hasn’t figured out that part yet then they are simply playing right into the hands of those previously mentioned crooks.

So what is the deal with the SCOTUS and this documentary, Hillary: The Movie? Why in the world, with important history changing issues they could be taking a look at swimming around like fish in a barrel, are they screwing around with this nonsense?

From the AP via Yahoo News,

Months after its debut, “Hillary: The Movie” faces nine of the nation’s toughest critics: the Supreme Court.

The justices’ review of the slashing documentary financed by longtime critics of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton could bring more than just a thumbs up or thumbs down. It may settle the question of whether the government can regulate a politically charged film as a campaign ad.

David Bossie, a former Republican congressional aide who produced the Clinton movie and another describing then-Sen. Barack Obama as an overhyped media darling, said his films are about important moments in American politics.

“The outcome of this case will dictate how we’re able to make films and educate people about them,” he said.

At issue in the case being argued before justices Tuesday is the 90-minute anti-Clinton movie and television ads Bossie wanted to air during the 2008 primaries advertising the film.

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Nothing quite like having the country’s priorities first and foremost huh SCOTUS? What’s next, perhaps a peek at Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911?

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