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Pennsylvania Judge To Prosecutors–"Somebody Has To Go After ACORN!"

Exasperated, Senior District Judge Richard H. Zoller strongly suggested yesterday to Allegheny County Pennsylvania prosecutors that it’s high time to go after the leadership of the corrupt organization ACORN after the sixth county resident was bound over for trial in his courtroom concerning various voter registration irregularities related to the 2008 election. A seventh defendant […]

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Tuesday June 30th

Well it’s not like we didn’t already know that Michael Jackson’s kids were not biologically his. A Los Angeles dermatologist who treated Michael Jackson for years is the biological father of Jacko’s son and daughter, according to a bombshell new report. Us Weekly magazine reports in its upcoming issue, which hits newsstands tomorrow, that Dr. […]

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House Cap And Trade Vote Was Not Even Close To Being "Close"

What a load of nonsense all this news reporting saying the House vote on the cap and trade bill, which passed by a 219-212 tally last Friday, was a real squeaker. Nothing could be further from the truth. How could a single member of the House justify their having voted yea on this thing when […]

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Monday June 29th

It’s the maximum. 150 years in prison for mega thief Bernie Madoff. Historic swindler Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison Monday for a fraud so extensive that the judge said he needed to send a symbolic message to potential imitators and to victims who demanded harsh punishment. Scattered applause and whoops broke […]

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Video Of Governor Mark Sanford's Argentinian Girlfriend (Updated 11-24-09)

Considering Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s family life and aspirations for higher political office have pretty much been shredded due to his inability to control himself, one has to ask. “So disgraced hairball Mr. Sanford, was Maria Belen Chapur aka Ms. “Cock-Eyed Eyebrows” really worth throwing away your career and embarrassing your wife, four […]

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eBay Scrubs Barack Hussein Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate Offer Three Times

—I will preface this post by saying I could care less whether Barack Hussein Obama was born in Mombasa Kenya or in Abe’s lap at the Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C., he is Constitutionally unqualified to be commander-in-chief because simply because his father was not a U.S. citizen when Barack Jr. was born. A natural […]

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Obama Appoints A U.S. Ambassador To "The Muslim World"

I’m not sure just where the so called “Muslim World” is but evidently we now have our very first ambassador to that “place.” The US State Department has appointed its first Special Representative to Muslim Communities. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Farah Pandith would play a leading role in US efforts to “engage Muslims […]

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Did The Feds Promise To Go Easy On His Wife If Conyers Dropped ACORN Probe?

No, I’m not necessarily saying there is any kind of inappropriate stuff going on with the executive branch towards the legislative branch of the federal government but boy the timing of these following circumstances sure is interesting. / / Last March the Washington Times reported, In an startling partisan shift, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John […]

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Saturday June 27th

Entire 13 story nearly finished apartment building in China just falls over on its side. I wonder if the people living in similar buildings right behind it are a little nervous? A 13-storey residential building under construction in Shanghai collapsed on Saturday, killing one worker and highlighting the dangers of shoddy building in fast-urbanising China. […]

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Barack Obama Says A Big Thank You To Michael Jackson–Governor Mark Sanford

Hiding behind over two days of this non stop televised hoopla surrounding the death of pop music icon, drug user and suspected child molester Michael Jackson and admitted adulterer Mark Sanford, this cap and TAX nonsense, purportedly brought about to address all this clearly debatable climate change crap, is being pushed through Congress by Democrats […]

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