Video Of Governor Mark Sanford's Argentinian Girlfriend (Updated 11-24-09)

Considering Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s family life and aspirations for higher political office have pretty much been shredded due to his inability to control himself, one has to ask.

“So disgraced hairball Mr. Sanford, was Maria Belen Chapur aka Ms. “Cock-Eyed Eyebrows” really worth throwing away your career and embarrassing your wife, four sons and supporters not to mention giving the morally vacuous left wingers a fabulous opportunity to slam conservatives…?”

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Update: Looks like Governor Sanford may be standing in line with the other 17% of unemployed Americans soon….–Legislators irked for months over Gov. Mark Sanford’s summertime vanishing act and his tearful revelation that he was in Argentina for a rendezvous with his lover plan to start debating a measure Tuesday that ultimately would remove him from office.

The Republican does face new ethics charges about his travel and campaign finances. But the seven lawmakers who comprise a panel of the House Judiciary Committee that will debate impeachment are focused solely this week on his five-day absence in June and failure to put someone in charge of the state while he was gone.

The four Republicans who co-sponsored the measure contend he was derelict in his duty and wrong to mislead staffers into thinking he was hiking the Appalachian Trail…..

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