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Obama Brazenly Proclaims Washington Can't Keep Spending Our Tax Dollars "Like Monopoly Money"

We’ve all known and had to deal with at least one serial liar in our lives but Barack Hussein Obama truly owns the label. One has to wonder how this guy can actually possess the unmitigated nerve to go in front of television cameras and spew this kind of absolute bullshit when it has become […]

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Hey Obama, Pelosi, And Reid….It's The Economy–Stupid

America to Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid…… 71% of us are shouting out loudly that our overwhelming concern is the economy and job creation, with this global warming nonsense you far left nutjobs seem to be obsessed with, way WAAAY back there on the back burner. By job creation we don’t mean […]

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Post Clunker Hangover Expected To Hammer Car Dealers This Month

Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of economic principles could have seen this train wreck coming on down the tracks so that would explain why the Obama administration went ahead with this disaster of a “cash for clunkers” program. Naturally they point to the “wild success” of this clunkers fiasco but what they fail to […]

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I Thought Obama Said Unemployment Wouldn't Move Beyond Eight Percent?

Yeah I’m pretty sure I heard him say that, Fox News–Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that “everyone guessed wrong” on the impact of the economic stimulus, but he defended the administration’s spending designed to combat rising joblessness. (SNIP) “The bottom line is that jobs are being created that would not have been there before,” […]

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New York Car Dealers Bailing On Disastrous Cash For Clunkers Fiasco

The federal government owned and operated “Cash for Clunkers” program has turned into an absolute disaster and many car dealers in New York have said they’ve had enough of this mess and have decided to throw in the towel. New car dealers across America are stuck with millions of dollars out of pocket on the […]

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Car Allowance Rebate System Off Again On Again

The Obama administration has no idea what to do with this cash for clunkers taxpayer money give away program. They announced a halt to this thing yesterday then come out today and tell us nope, she’s back up and running. The Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) or cash for clunkers program provided a total of […]

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Free Cell Phone Program For Welfare Recipients Rolling Into Colorado Soon

Hey 16 other states now have some sort of deal with TracFone to provide free cell phones and service to people on their welfare rolls so why not just keep the ball rolling right into Colorado? Six months ago we had a post about Alabama kicking off their own nifty cell phone program for all […]

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Barack Obama Says A Big Thank You To Michael Jackson–Governor Mark Sanford

Hiding behind over two days of this non stop televised hoopla surrounding the death of pop music icon, drug user and suspected child molester Michael Jackson and admitted adulterer Mark Sanford, this cap and TAX nonsense, purportedly brought about to address all this clearly debatable climate change crap, is being pushed through Congress by Democrats […]

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Barney Frank Leans On Fannie Mae Freddie Mac To Ease Up On Condo Loans

Yeehaa….let’s go down this road again huh Barney? That’s right folks, this uber liberal disaster of a congressman has sent, along with his aptly named partner in this effort Anthony Weiner (D-NY), a letter to mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requesting they pull way back on recently enacted rules that have been imposed […]

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Millionaires Moving Out Of Maryland To Escape Confiscatory Taxes

Perhaps the Governor of Maryland can learn an important lesson from the Governor of New York David Paterson or better yet NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg when it comes to constantly hammering the wealthy with confiscatory and punishing taxing schemes. Eventually these folks get fed up and move out of state often taking all of their […]

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