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Russian Analyst Predicts Collapse of USA While Gates Calls For Pentagon Report: Is US Military Ready For Domestic Disaster?

11-25-08 From A leading Russian political analyst has said the economic turmoil in the United States has confirmed his long-held view that the country is heading for collapse, and will divide into separate parts. Professor Igor Panarin said in an interview with the respected daily IZVESTIA published on Monday: “The dollar is not secured […]

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Sign The Petition! Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide To Save The Planet

11-23-08 “Yo man! Will you sign my petition?” “Ah sure man….there ya go.” “Thanks! You have just helped to save the world by banning water ya dummy!” Hey, don’t ask any questions. Don’t try and find out what is going on. Just sign your name to a piece of paper shoved in your face by […]

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Mark Halperin Of Time Magazine Says Media Pro Obama Coverage Was Extreme

11-22-08 Golly gee willikers folks the lamestream media is oh so sorry about their slanted and biased coverage of the recent presidential race. In fact they are downright upset with themselves to the point that they feel it is necessary to have little gathering where they can express just how bad they feel concerning their […]

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The 'Face Of Grace.' A Soldier's Story From Iraq.

11-21-08 On Sept. 16, Rep. Frank R. Wolf, R-Va., introduced the following essay into the Congressional Record. Written by Mitchell L. Hubbard of Winchester, Va., it tells of his son’s experiences while deployed to Iraq. “His son’s story should make us all think about our armed forces, as well as the police and first responders, […]

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Sarah Palin Pardons A Turkey. David Shuster Says, "Thanks I Needed That!"

11-21-08 Those juvenile asshats over at Obamanbc were up to their braindead hijinks yet again with the lovely and charming Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. These two bit idiots actually called her pardoning of a turkey a “breaking story” today but really the story wasn’t so much the silly ritual of sparing the life of some […]

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Too Bad America Doesn't Have More "Ben Underwoods" And Far Fewer Liberal Politicians

11-21-08 Millions of people all over the country voted for Obama to yank them up off the floor and help guide them through the rest of their lives that have been shattered by the last eight years of a Bush administration. In fact most black folks all over the country are rejoicing, and rightly so, […]

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Are Liberals Truly Mentally Deficient? You Bet They Are!

11-19-08 Face it, liberals are afflicted with a mental disorder and they seem to be the only ones that fail to realize it. The disconcerting issue to so many that do not subscribe to their disjointed point of view is how so many of these clinically mad (as in loopy) people have so thoroughly infiltrated […]

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Up Is Down, Left Is Right, In Is Out, Flat is Round And It's All Due To "Climate Change"

11-18-08 Yes indeed folks, if it happens on this planet, and it doesn’t matter how or why, it’s all about climate change, formerly referred to as global warming until record cold spells blew that fraud right out of the water. If you’re hot you’re hot, if you’re not you’re not (and probably freezing your ass […]

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Obama Chooses Hillary Clinton (and Bill) As His Secretary Of State.

11-17-08 I wonder if this could be the beginning of the end….of her political career? Word has it that she is probably willing to accept an offer from Obama to become the Secretary of State in his administration. Did I just say “his?” Let’s put it this way, it would be like comin’ home for […]

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The Second Amendment. A Uniquely American Concept And Unalienable Right Of Her Citizens.

11-15-08 “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

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