Sarah Palin Pardons A Turkey. David Shuster Says, "Thanks I Needed That!"


Those juvenile asshats over at Obamanbc were up to their braindead hijinks yet again with the lovely and charming Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. These two bit idiots actually called her pardoning of a turkey a “breaking story” today but really the story wasn’t so much the silly ritual of sparing the life of some stupid bird by the governor, that is no big deal as all kinds of politicians perform this silly stunt every year. No, what got all of the children, including girlie man David Shuster who gets paid to read the script and make faces while doing so, ready to rub one off was the fact that Palin was being interviewed while some fifth grade dropout was stuffing someone’s Thanksgiving holiday tabletop centerpiece into a Ronco turkey life-ender gizmo.

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As the video rolls along it is obvious that this schtick was a setup from the get go as lame-o Larry keeps watching for cues from someone out of Palin’s view for when to jam Tom Turkey head first into the bird whacker while the camera clown deliberately held the camera off center in order to capture the whole childish skit. Thankfully Shuster, who no doubt thinks that all meat is grown in between layers of plastic wrap and styrofoam or in a form fitting plastic bag, gave viewers a heads up to get small children and any person that has never seen a PG rated movie or Road Runner cartoon out of the room lest they ball up on the floor in horror.

Maybe next time our Sarah could take one of these Obamanbc interview babes out for an afternoon of handgun shooting 101?

Now that would be some breaking news!

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