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Obama Administration Recording Every U.S. Residence Via Census Workers Using GPS Units

It’s true, they just showed up on my front porch. Unfortunately my dead straight arrow and painfully honest much better half got to the door before me and answered the guys questions truthfully. Damn. The fun is coming folks so keep your powder dry and be sure to stock up accordingly… Republican Senator Judd Gregg […]

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George Green Says Us "Useless Eaters" Are Pretty Much Screwed

Well who the hell is George Green you may ask? Well I’ve never heard of the guy either but boy did he have a mouthful to say back in 2007 about the future of the United States of America. As with anyone else that sits down and provides their opinions on what they think is […]

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Posted On FEMA Site, Online Kiddie Coloring Book Depicted World Trade Center Attack

For those who didn’t know, FEMA has a website just for kids where they can choose a page and using online tools color it in right on their computer screen. Sounds pretty cool huh? As if kids don’t have enough stuff going on in their lives to keep them busy they can now go to […]

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U.S. Navy Releases Dead Pirates To Somalia

The three dead pirates, who were sniped in order to free hostage Captain Richard Phillips, finally made their way home today when the U.S. Navy handed over their bodies, contained within wooden coffins, to Somali “authorities.” Sadly there were no family members in attendance when their lifeless bodies arrived in Somalia, perhaps because there wasn’t […]

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Thursday April 30th

Here’s yet another example of how terrific this socialized health care is that the Democrats would like to bring to this country. Thousands of kidney cancer patients are likely to lose out on life-prolonging drugs. The NHS rationing body, NICE, has confirmed a ban on three out of four new treatments. It has reversed its […]

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Texas Joins Montana In Declaring State Firearm Sovereignty

It’s outstanding to see the great state of Texas follow Montana’s lead in the continuing fight to wrest individual state sovereignty rights away from the federal government. Under HB 1863 all intrastate commerce involving the sale of firearms, ammunition and accessories manufactured within the state would be outside the control of the federal government per […]

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Poll Reveals Republicans Lead Democrats In Generic Congressional Ballot

You won’t hear about this on the Obama slobbering lapdog msnbc, cnn or any of the left wing alphabets. We’ll see if Fox News bothers to bring it up. For only the second time in the last five years Republicans top Democrats in a Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot poll. Considering the mainstream media has done […]

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Gun Free Zones Primary Target For Maniacal Killers

(From the February 2009 American Rifleman) As law enforcement trainers refine tactics for confronting “active killers” who attack the innocent in places like schools or shopping malls, some police veterans are criticizing the supposedly “gun free” zones where many of these attacks have occurred. Reporter Brendan Keefe of Cincinnati’s WCPO-TV interviewed Ohio trainers Ron Borsch […]

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World Health Organization Believes Flu Ready To Explode Across The Planet

The WHO went to a level five alert today, it’s second highest, over this H1N1 flu outbreak in the belief the virus is ready to sweep around the globe. Reports of infected people are now coming in from many countries but as of 4:30pm 29 April there has been only one death attributed to the […]

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Fast Food Restaurant Runs Out Of Chicken, Locals Very Unhappy

Wow, talk about some disgruntled customers! Apparently Popeyes Chicken had some kind of promotion and they wound up getting cleaned out of their main product much to the chagrin of a bunch of regular patrons. Now I’ve never had Popyeyes chicken in fact there aren’t any of these establishments around my neck of the woods […]

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