U.S. Navy Releases Dead Pirates To Somalia


The three dead pirates, who were sniped in order to free hostage Captain Richard Phillips, finally made their way home today when the U.S. Navy handed over their bodies, contained within wooden coffins, to Somali “authorities.” Sadly there were no family members in attendance when their lifeless bodies arrived in Somalia, perhaps because there wasn’t any compensation for their deaths included with their corpses as had been demanded soon after they were shot clean through their noggins. That said I haven’t been able to confirm a sketchy report that all three of the deceased were sporting these brand spanking new caps upon their arrival in their home country.


MOGADISHU, Somalia—- American naval forces handed Somali authorities the bodies of three suspected pirates on Thursday, officials said, after U.S. snipers shot the trio earlier this month during a standoff over an American hostage.

The sole surviving pirate suspect from the April 8 attack on the U.S.-flagged Maersk Alabama is in custody in the U.S. facing piracy charges.

Lt. Col. Mohamed Abdulle Mohamed, the chief of security in the country’s northern Bossaso port, said regional authorities sent a small boat to collect the wooden coffins containing the bodies from a warship stationed around 4 miles (6.5 kilometers) off the coast.

“I hope they will hand the bodies over to their relatives,” Mohamed said, but noted that none of the people at the port on Thursday when the bodies arrived back in Somalia had identified themselves as family members of the dead men.

“Maybe they will join the funeral procession,” he said.

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