Fast Food Restaurant Runs Out Of Chicken, Locals Very Unhappy


Wow, talk about some disgruntled customers!

Apparently Popeyes Chicken had some kind of promotion and they wound up getting cleaned out of their main product much to the chagrin of a bunch of regular patrons.

Now I’ve never had Popyeyes chicken in fact there aren’t any of these establishments around my neck of the woods so I’m not sure if it’s the food itself or these people just happened to miss out on one heck of a deal. I do know the KFC restaurant in town cranks out what I consider to be a subpar excuse for chicken so we haven’t been there is quite some time.

That said what in the world is going on when people think they can’t feed their kids or family because some fast food joint is closed for the day? Come on folks, head to the grocery store, pick up something for dinner and go home and cook it for crying out loud!

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