Friday April 2nd

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Illinois Democrat Representative Phil Hare, “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this to be honest…” So much for the oath this asshat and the rest of the Democrat party took to UPHOLD our Constitution when they are elected to office.

Those angry about health-care generally concerned about the country’s direction

The health-care debate has generated intense levels of frustration among the bill’s opponents, and those who say they are outright angry almost universally believe that the country is going in the wrong direction — some say toward an America they no longer recognize. Of the 26 percent of people who described themselves as “angry” about the new law in a recent Washington Post poll, virtually all also said the country was on the wrong track. In follow-up interviews, many went beyond health care as they spoke of their deep misgivings about the country’s leadership and the changes taking place around them. “I grew up in the ’50s,” said Hugh Pearson, 63, a retired builder from Bakersfield, Calif. “That was a wonderful time. Nobody was getting rich, nobody was doing everything big. But it was ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ days, ‘Leave It to Beaver’-type stuff. Now we have all this MTV, expose-yourself stuff, and we have no morality left, not even by the legislators.” Pearson and others described a rising concern about illegal immigrants who they say fill hospital emergency rooms and drain public resources. In the follow-up interviews, they expressed a distrust with a government they believe is taking from the many and giving to the few. Nearly nine in 10 of those who are angry about the health-care bill say it represents a major and negative change for the country, with some interviewed after the poll saying they believe the country is moving toward socialism. [When you have elected politicians ignoring the will of the people and ramming unwanted life altering legislation down their throats the folks have a tendency to get a little pissed off…jarg]

KING: 100 percent repeal of Obamacare

President Obama, speaking at a rally in Iowa City on March 25, challenged opponents of Obamacare who have vowed repeal. To repeal advocates, the President said, “Go for it.” Before the first light of dawn on the morning after this Pelosi Congress sent Obamacare to the President’s desk, I started the process to repeal.My decision to take this fight to and through the next election and probably through the presidential election in 2012 was not a knee jerk response to a legislative defeat.It is a commitment to the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, real health care reform and American Liberty. President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid – the troika that controls America today – have long had designs to shove America into the abyss of socialism. Their philosophy, political power and cynical effort to expand the dependency class all lined up to make Obamacare the law of the land. The highest price every generation of Americans will pay is not measured in dollars but in lost liberty. [Like Øbama says Representative King, go for it!…jarg]

New health care law isn’t what this doctor ordered

While President Obama and Democrats in Congress are running a victory lap to celebrate passage of health care reform, many doctors are less pleased, to put it mildly. More than 40 local and national medical societies representing over half a million doctors came out against the health reform legislation. I am one of those doctors who believe the new law is bad for doctors and, therefore, patients. Unfortunately, no one has listened to us. So get ready, America. Here’s how I see health care changing under this new law: Insurance premiums are bound to go up as patients with pre-existing conditions are covered. We’ve seen this time and again, most recently in 2006 after Massachusetts passed universal health insurance. If Congress institutes national caps on premiums, private insurers will need to cut services to maintain even slight profits. If at the same time, Medicare is gutted by half a trillion dollars — as the new law intends — a decrease in services and reimbursements will follow. Private insurers will follow Medicare’s lead. [Straight from a real live doctor, Obamacare is a disaster…jarg]

Constitutional convention

Health care reform was rammed through Congress. What should we do? In 1842, Mellen Chamberlain interviewed 91-year-old Levi Preston, who had fought the British at Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775. Chamberlain asked if he had fought because of the Stamp Act. Preston said no. The tea tax? He never drank it. How about the great treatises of the time? He never read them. He said he spent his time reading the Bible, Watt’s Psalms and Hymns and the Almanac. Why then had Preston fought at Concord? “Young man, what we meant in going for those Red Coats was this: We always had governed ourselves, and we always meant to. They didn’t mean we should.” [Probably close to a quarter of the population in America is made up of hard core leftists hell bent on destroying this country and another 20-25% are garden variety brain dead liberals. I’m not so sure opening up the Constitution in the hopes of getting something better would be a wise idea right now. Let’s wait until after the real Civil War to do that…jarg]

ObamaCare’s Economic Dominoes

Now that health care reform in the shabby disguise of ObamaCare has been crammed through Congress, a peek at the president’s precariously stacked dominoes confirms that sooner than you may suppose, there won’t be any private companies selling health insurance in America. Consider: There are approximately 1,300 insurance companies in America today. Beginning January 1, 2011, these companies will be required to pay out 85% of all premiums collected as direct medical care, leaving 15% of corporate income to fund operations and yield any potential profit. The health care industry has a profit margin of about 3%. Most American businesses rely on securing annual profits of 8% to 10%. American oil companies operate on about 4% profit. Alcoholic beverage sales net annual profits of 26%. To maintain even slim profitability or cash reserves, insurers will be compelled to run austerely. Why? [Why? The destruction of private health insurance companies in America has been the plan of the “progressives” all along!…jarg]

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A long way from Selma

A victory as transcendent as that of the civil-rights movement in the 1960s is a rare and marvelous thing. It’s understandable that liberals want to wrap health-care reform in garments ripped off from that glorious movement. When black congressmen were allegedly abused by a crowd of tea-party protesters outside of the US Capitol, Democrats harkened back to the outrages of the 1960s. When President Obama made his final push for the bill, he invoked historic civil-rights legislation. When Democrats celebrate the bill, they put it in the context of the civil-rights era’s expansion of freedoms. And when they denounce the bill’s opponents, they compare them to segregationists. Democrats view the fight for health-care reform through the prism of classic black-and-white civil-rights footage, with a background track of freedom songs. In an homage to those days, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi marched arm-in-arm with other congressional leaders into the Capitol the day of the vote. To paraphrase Marx, this is history repeating itself, first as triumph, then as tinny echo. [We get it, more left wing “social justice.” Obamacare happens to be another form of reparations…jarg]

Obamacare was mainly aimed at redistributing wealth

It hasn’t attracted much notice, but recently some prominent advocates of Obamacare have spoken more frankly than ever before about why they supported a national health care makeover. It wasn’t just about making insurance more affordable. It wasn’t just about bending the cost curve. It wasn’t just about cutting the federal deficit. It was about redistributing wealth. Health reform is “an income shift,” Democratic Sen. Max Baucus said on March 25. “It is a shift, a leveling, to help lower income, middle income Americans.” In his halting, jumbled style, Baucus explained that in recent years “the maldistribution of income in America has gone up way too much, the wealthy are getting way, way too wealthy, and the middle income class is left behind.” The new health care legislation, Baucus promised, “will have the effect of addressing that maldistribution of income in America.” [Democrats are lying bastards and that is why the vast majority of Americans opposed this crap. The wealthy will always find ways to hang onto their money and the “poor” can always count on the government to take care of them. So who takes in the can once again? That’s right the dwindling middle class…jarg]

Home, sweet home: Homeless numbers up in Montgomery area

It was 1982, and with 97 cents in his pocket, Mark Matlock chose to just walk away. His dad, who adopted him at age 11, and whom he considered his backbone, had just died. And Matlock’s life basically ended. So he chose a life on the streets instead. It was too hard for him to move forward otherwise, and it was easier than dealing with an uncooperative extended family. At age 30, he saw no other option. His home for the past several months has been alongside the Alabama River, just off Maxwell Boulevard and a few yards from Interstate 65. A greenish-blue pop-up tent has been his home. Clothes hang nearby. Not everyone is homeless by accident or wants to live in a shelter. “I became homeless by choice,” said Matlock, who earns $30 for every five hours he holds business signs on street corners. He carries with him an identification — a “Homeless ID” card he received in North Carolina. If lost: return card to police. [Interesting article about some of America’s happily homeless. Note on the last page a homeless lady is given a ride…to a doctor appointment. Gee, I didn’t know Obamacare kicked in that quickly…jarg]

Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care

A doctor who considers the national health-care overhaul to be bad medicine for the country posted a sign on his office door telling patients who voted for President Barack Obama to seek care “elsewhere.” “I’m not turning anybody away — that would be unethical,” Dr. Jack Cassell, 56, a Mount Dora urologist and a registered Republican opposed to the health plan, told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday. “But if they read the sign and turn the other way, so be it.” The sign reads: “If you voted for Obama … seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years.” [Why are so many folks getting their panties in a twist over this? After all it’s not like he’s an emergency room doctor and it appears to me he is just giving people a preview of what is surely coming down the pike with Obamacare…jarg]

Internet taxation is on the way

The Obama Era has become a protracted, nightmarish Whack-A-Mole game of tax increases and bureaucratic self-enlargement. In sector after sector of American life, another scheme to expand government and wrench more earnings from Americans’ pockets pops up. Its next targeted sector? The Internet. Take a look at the following introduction of a nationwide tax upon Internet goods and services, inserted within page 58 of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) National Broadband Plan released this week: [Talk radio and the internet are two of the most powerful means to get the word out on what Obama and the Democrats are up to. Interestingly both mediums are under attack by these same leftists. Gee, I wonder why?…jarg]

Man deported three times, sentenced to 64 months in prison

A native and citizen of Mexico has been sentenced to 64 months in prison after illegally re-entering the United States. Genaro Oviedo-Rodriguez, 44, was found in the Lee County jail April 14 by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who were investigating him following his arrest for third-degree assault, third-degree domestic violence, third-degree criminal mischief and resisting arrest, according to a U.S. Attorney’s office release. Previous to the charges, Oviedo-Rodriguez had been deported to Mexico three times, most recently Oct. 22, 2002, according to the release. [But but but, this man was just looking for a better life for himself and his family in our country and didn’t have the time to emigrate to the US according to OUR laws. Note he gets three years of “supervised probation” after he serves his sentence. Will this take place in Mexico?…jarg]

Mexicans Facing Drug War Violence Could Seek Political Asylum in U.S.

The spreading violence of the drug wars along the Mexican border may have one unintended consequence. It could upend efforts to curb illegal immigrants by giving Mexican border-crossers a tool they never had before: a valid claim for political asylum. For decades, immigrants coming from Mexico were denied asylum because Mexico was a stable and relatively peaceful democracy. But that is changing now. Last week, at least 30 Mexicans from the town of El Porvenir walked to the border crossing post at Fort Hancock, Texas, and asked for political asylum. Ordinarily, their claim would be denied as groundless, and they would be turned back. Instead, they were taken to El Paso, where they expect to have their cases heard. [Sure, come on in! We have plenty of jobs for everyone and we’ll soon have “free” government supplied healthcare for anyone in the country all paid for by the soon to be former middle class of America. Be sure to vote Democrat now all you new “citizens” ya hear?…jarg]

GOP Lawmaker Calls for Hearing Into Border Security After Rancher’s Murder

A Republican lawmaker is calling for a hearing into border security following the murder of a prominent Arizona rancher by an assailant authorities believe was an illegal immigrant. Rep. Kay Granger of Texas, the top Republican on the House Foreign Operations subcommittee, told Fox News on Thursday that she would like to have a hearing as soon as Congress returns from its Easter recess to help border states whose pleas for federal assistance have so far gone unmet. “I don’t think that we are getting everything we need,” she said, adding that the hearing would provide a platform to discuss what is needed. Granger said the border fence that was under construction in the Southwest was not helpful. [Conservatives see the illegal breach into our country by foreign nationals as a crime against the sovereignty of our country. Democrats look at illegal aliens as the latest voting block that they desperately need to secure in order to hold onto power…jarg]

Boxer Facing Toughest Re-Election Battle of Her Career

Ever since she was elected to the U.S. Senate 18 years ago, Barbara Boxer has faced little competition in winning another term. But this year, it won’t be that easy. Polls indicate that the California Democrat may be about to meet her match – who will be determined in a June primary. According to one poll, Boxer is neck and neck with all three of the Republicans who hope to run against her in the general election: former Rep. Tom Campbell, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore. In the latest Rasmussen Reports from last month, Boxer led Campbell 43 to 41 percent and was beating Fiorina and DeVore 46 to 40 percent. “She’s in for tough sledding and she’s got lots of prominent Republicans ready to go after her,” political analyst Juan Williams told Fox News. “So what I sense there is that she knows the economy in California and especially the budget, government budget, state budgets have been a huge issue and there’s a lot of discontent, particularly with her.” [The quiet little question creeping into the minds of many is, just what stunt will Obama and his cronies pull off before November to make the midterm elections disappear saving the Democrats from a certain political bloodbath?…jarg]

More Voters Than Ever See Obama As Partisan Democrat

Less than a week after President Obama signed the health care reform bill into law, more voters than ever say he is governing like a partisan Democrat. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 56% of likely voters believe the president is governing like a partisan Democrat, up three points over the past month and the highest level measured since he took office in January 2009. The week after his inauguration, just 39% of voters felt that way. Only 28% now say the president is governing on a bipartisan basis, tying the lowest level measured reached last month. Another 16% are not sure. Not surprisingly, Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to say the president is governing on a partisan basis. Half (50%) of voters not affiliated with either party say the president is governing like a partisan Democrat, but 31% disagree. However, the president isn’t the only one in Washington, D.C. that voters say is governing in a partisan manner. Following their passage of the health care plan without a single Republican vote, Democrats are viewed as behaving like partisan Democrats by 63% of voters, down three points from last month. Twenty-two percent (22%) say Democrats are acting in a bipartisan manner, up seven points from February. [Ummm, Obama was considered the most liberal member of the US Senate before he became president. What, did anyone really expect the guy to change his stripes?…jarg]

Quote of the day.

Well, I think that when you listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, it’s pretty apparent, and it’s troublesome, but keep in mind that there have been periods in American history where this kind of vitriol comes out. It happens often when you’ve got an economy that is making people more anxious, and people are feeling like there is a lot of change that needs to take place. But that’s not the vast majority of Americans. I think the vast majority of Americans know that we’re trying hard, that I want what’s best for the country.

-Barack Hussein Obama

[Since the vast majority of Americans are against everything he and the Democrats in Congress are doing he obviously was getting us warmed up for April Fool’s Day with this blithering nonsense…jarg]

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