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New York Welfare Recipients Swarm Banks To Cash In On $200 PER CHILD Taxpayer Funded Freebie (Updated 8-17)

Well George Soros did toss in a few bucks by prying open his wallet for an additional $35 million bringing the total handed out only to welfare and food stamp recipients with children in New York earlier this week to $175 million. Of course when you have made over one billion dollars off the recent […]

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Hitler, Obama, Healthcare And Right Wingers

One of the most infamous left wingers in the history of mankind…that rascally old coot Adolph Hitler is doing everything he can, with the help of his Hitler Youth, ACORN, MoveOn.org and a mess of other George Soros funded liberal groups, to track down and report to the Obama regime the spreaders of malicious lies […]

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Has Barack Obama Lost His Freakin' Marbles?

Imagine waking up one morning to discover the brand new big liberal president, just a few months into his term and with zero executive experience, has submitted to the Democrat Congress the largest budget ever in the history of this country. Imagine this was on top of billions more that was tossed up into the […]

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So Would Your Answer Be YES Or Would it Be NO Mr Obama?

Is it really that difficult for Obama to answer a simple question without it scrolling across a teleprompter screen? The query was presented in a very clear and easy to understand manner. If an attack was imminent would Obama do whatever was necessary to protect the American public? Considering a terrorist attack, whether perpetrated as […]

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Botox Queen Nancy Pelosi Can't Get Her Waterboarding Story Straight

So what is it going to be Pelosi? Either you were well aware of what the gameplan was when it came to the CIA interrogation techniques utilized against terrorists who were hell bent on killing American citizens within this country…..or you weren’t. I’m going with the former. This purely political Obama flip flop on going […]

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News And Issues Of The Day For Friday March 27th

Here is quick synopsis of some news and issues of the day…

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One Of Those Greedy Filthy Rich Wall Street Republicans Explains How He Gamed The System For Fun And Huge Profits

So who is the greedy filthy rich Republican caught on tape describing how easy it was for him to manipulate the stock market? I don’t know but we do have Mr. Liberal himself, Jim Cramer, giving us a little walk through on how to have fun and play games with the market while making incredible amounts of easy money….

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The United States Needs To Get OUT Of The United Nations….NOW!

Decades of the United Nations globalism grind against the sovereignty of the United States and her citizens has now reached well beyond the critical point for this country and it is time for the House of Representatives to stop U.S. funding for this corrupt organization and renounce any membership with have with them….NOW before it’s too late…

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Rush Limbaugh To Barack Obama, Bring It On Bub!

So the cat is now out of the bag as a member of the official White House talking points press corp, politico.com, reports the Obama administration is up to their lying lips in this most recent attack on Rush Limbaugh, a private citizen of this country, albeit one sitting behind a mights powerful microphone five days a week. So on his radio show today Rush tells Obama, “hey come on down and let’s have a debate” about the economy, GITMO, energy policy including drilling for oil in this country and a whole slew of topics he thought the American people would just love to hear about…

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Rush Limbaugh Brings Down The House At The 2009 CPAC Convention

Rush Limbaugh gets the conservative crowd hootin’ and hollerin’ at the 2009 CPAC convention…

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