News And Issues Of The Day For Friday March 27th


Obama to release Guantanamo Bay terrorist suspects into the United States and provide them with social service benefits to make sure they aren’t “just put out on the street.”
No this is not a story from the this is reality. In an effort to appease the terrorist sympathizers in this country like the CodePink and George Soros’ group of America haters Obama is getting ready to cut loose a bunch of the swell guys that the mean and nasty George W. Bush administration unfairly locked up in GITMO into the United States! You see not only is he going to foist these Boy Scouts into our country but he is also going to make sure they are living comfortably on the taxpayers dime. Say what do you think the odds are that not a single one of these fella will wind up moving into Obama’s Chicago area neighborhood? Or Nancy Pelosi’s?

Potheads came out of the woodwork during Obama’s bogus online “town hall meeting” asking when is he going to get around to legalizing the wacky weed.
I guess these clowns are clueless that legislation begins in Congress but what can one really expect when the Constitution and how our government was intended to function is not taught in this country’s pathetic educational indoctrination system? The Obama administration set up this online town hall meeting type thing where his very best fans and supporters could post questions and the army of Obama-bots could then “bump up” queries they were most interested in. The legitimate probing questions from those possessing more than an ounce of critical thinking ability were immediately buried by this same gang of O-bots who are famous for pulling these types of stunts on “social networking” sites like Digg and Facebook. You know we are fine shape when the most important issues buzzed up to the top of the list are those from dope smokers and those wondering how soon they can expect the president to provide them with government freebies.

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George Soros is now calling for the commercial real estate market to crash since it hasn’t sufficiently done so, according to him.
Not satisfied with the one billion dollars plus that he has made off the backs of Americans suffering through this manufactured economic mess Soros decided to go after the commercial real estate market. Soros would like to see this segment of the economy tank so he can do what he does best, open his mouth and create the crash then swoop in and pick off assets at rock bottom prices. “Soros, a hedge fund manager who predicted the global credit crunch has said the financial crisis has been ‘stimulating’ and the culmination of his life’s work.” Rot in hell you bastard.

Brazillian president proclaims the worldwide economic meltdown is….whitey’s fault.
White folks with blue eyes are to blame for the global economic “crisis” says Brazil’s president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Thank goodness the politically correct president spared those white folks with brown and green eyes from his critical assessment and placed the monkey squarely on the backs of the true scourge roaming around on this planet. Saying he knows of no black or brown bankers Silva believes that those conniving white people with those steely blue eyes are responsible for all the economic damage and the blacks and browns of the world should not have to pay the price for their screw ups. He did not mention any of the rampant corruption by the black and brown leaders of many countries around the globe and the resulting economic suffering the people living in them have endured for centuries.

Obama’s scheduled appearance at Notre Dame’s graduation ceremony causing increasing levels of discomfort.
Bishops are writing letters of protest and declining to attend the graduation ceremony at the nations’ largest Catholic university and a number of people are letting their feelings be known about Obama’s planned appearance. His supportive positions on abortion, stem cell research, allowing babies to die if they survive an abortion and his reversing George W. Bush’s ban on funding for overseas abortions has caused many to wonder why in the hell a Catholic institution would want someone like that anywhere on the grounds let alone stand in front of a microphone talking to graduating students.

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