Hitler, Obama, Healthcare And Right Wingers

One of the most infamous left wingers in the history of mankind…that rascally old coot Adolph Hitler is doing everything he can, with the help of his Hitler Youth, ACORN, MoveOn.org and a mess of other George Soros funded liberal groups, to track down and report to the Obama regime the spreaders of malicious lies concerning the takeover of our healthcare system, those evil wicked right wingers. But wait, many of those opposed to this boondoggle are in fact, Democrats! Man what in the &%#@ is a dictator supposed to do?

Yo barky, roll that tape…

national-socialist-party - Copy

(In case you missed the satire tag–the pic in this post is not to be taken literally, for the most part, for now anyway….ed)

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  1. R> G. Clark says:

    You come across as insane. You know nothing about Hitler, or the Nazis. To compare your president with a genocidal murderer is ignorant beyond stupidity. Hang you stupid head in shame. You are unfit to live in a democracy.

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