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Nice Red Star Bill Ayers.

10-31-08 So just what does a “retired” domestic terrorist do when the media comes poking around asking questions? Why, he calls the police for a little protection from the microphone wielding newshounds that’s what! Never mind that he used to go around blowing up police stations during his misspent youth. Funny how so few people […]

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Obama Fanatic Didn't Get The Memo.

10-31-08 Someone needs to get to this woman and quick. “I never thought this day would ever happen. I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. If I help him he’s going to help me.” Evidently she didn’t get the memo prior to […]

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Helen Jones-Kelly And Her Cohorts Should Be Fired!

10-31-08 Helen Jones-Kelly, the director of Ohio’s Department of Jobs and Family, and anyone connected with the snoopergate scandal surrounding Joe the Plumber in Ohio, should be looking for new employment…. like yesterday. This Obama fan who has contributed the maximum to his campaign is one of the people behind what should be a clearly […]

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John McCain Goes DEEEEEP!

10-30-08 Think McCain can’t pull this election out? Sure, he’s up against the biggest fraud that has ever run for president. Obama has people registering fence poles and fire hydrants, dead people and seven year olds. Obama has been reeling in millions of dollars in illegal contributions and buying 30 minute sappy infomercials with the […]

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Thomas Sowell Translates Political Rhetoric.

10-30-08 Perfect timing even if it’s an oldie…

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Obama's REAL Tax Plan. It Looks Like Obama Bin Lyin' Again!

10-29-08 It looks like the numbers concerning this tax plan of Obama’s are dropping like a rock. $250,000, $200,000, $150,000….how freakin low is he gonna go?? If he keeps this up he’ll be snagging your kid’s lunch money off the kitchen counter. 10-31-08 Update: It seems as though many of us that could see right […]

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Barack Obama Effigy Hung From Tree In Kentucky.

10-29-08 Well it was bound to happen. It seems some idiot decided to hang an Obama effigy from a tree on the University of Kentucky campus. No doubt this was done in response to the clowns that strung up a Sarah Palin appearing mannequin from the roof of their house in West Hollyweird California. LEXINGTON […]

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Obama And The Phony Poll Numbers.

10-29-08 Having done my share of news and blog site surfing since the beginning of the year I can say that it has become blatantly obvious that Obama “plants” have been posting comments everywhere they can. They were pulling this crap in the Democratic primaries and they have continued right into the presidential campaign. Their […]

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KYW-TV CBS 3 What's Up With Joe Biden And These TV Interviews?

10-27-08 What’s the deal here lately with Joe Biden and these TV news programs? First Barbara West in Orlando Florida hammers the old guy and now SEE B S in Philadelphia is giving him an on air crap sandwich? Damn, if this one is true (which cannot be verified outside of this video at the […]

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Barack Obama Effigy Hanging From House As Halloween Decoration.

10-27-08 In what some may feel is a bad show of judgment a couple has hung a mannequin dressed to look like Barack Obama from their house. In addition they have a caricature of the Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden emerging from the opening of the fireplace in a ball of fake flames. These […]

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