Barack Obama Effigy Hanging From House As Halloween Decoration.


In what some may feel is a bad show of judgment a couple has hung a mannequin dressed to look like Barack Obama from their house. In addition they have a caricature of the Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden emerging from the opening of the fireplace in a ball of fake flames. These mannequins are lit up during the evening hours for maximum effect.

Morty Michael Chadster who lives with his boyfriend in what has been called the most conservative city in America, Provo Utah, decided it would make an interesting topic of neighborhood conversation to hang the Obama effigy from the roof of his house and felt the stunt just might also get him a few moments in the spotlight. He says that he lives an otherwise mundane life and was looking for a way to break in his brand new cell phone by calling all his friends and asking them to tune into the nightly news programs. After all, he exclaimed, “15 seconds of fame beats the crap out of total obscurity!”

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Chadster claims that most people slowly drive by the display with many taking pictures, cracking jokes and “giggling.” There have been a few folks pausing for a moment to express their disgust but overall the ghastly scene he created has been taken in stride. He says the effigy would be out of bounds at any other time of year, but since it’s within the spirit of Halloween everyone should “just chill. It should be seen as art, and as within the month of October. It’s Halloween, it’s time to be scary it’s time to be spooky.”

Chadster admitted he was a little concerned that his neighbors might come by and “pound my pansy ass into the asphalt” for bringing undue and unwelcome attention to the normally quiet community but so far everything “has been cool” he sighed.

Further east a staunch McCain supporter in New York has erected a display that even he thought might be a bit over the top. Ronnie Haybrain is well known around town as someone that always stretches the limits when it comes to Halloween decorations but this year he decided to really push the envelope. The set depicts Obama as a typical inner city low life thug chasing what appears to be John McCain as a terrified bank ATM user with phony cash falling from his hands and pockets. Obama is shown with a chrome toy .25 handgun accosting McCain as they “run” around Haybrain’s front yard.

Haybrain said the display, which he expects to be “equally offensive to everyone,” represents how he feels McCain has been unfairly treated by Obama and his campaign.

“Obama has been rabble-rousing, calling McCain a old guy and someone who would die the second day in office if elected and stuff. The Obama campaign has gotten so ugly. That’s what the message is. I can see how people could take this the wrong way. I’m not advocating anything. It’s sarcasm,” Haybrain said.

Stanley Hatesallofem of the local Ku Klux Klan affiliate after being shown photos of the display said that he is less concerned about what it depicts than about the “fear and hate that have entered the campaign. Can’t we all just get along?” he asked.

In what seems to be a never ending example of McCain supporters going over the line a sign has been erected in West Plains Missouri showing Obama as a turban wearing Muslim with his middle name of “Hussein” standing out prominently.

The signs states:







While few people are expressing an issue with whether the claims are true the real outrage among city residents and travelers seems to be the fact that Obama appears to have a turban on his head. Here is one statement posted with an article covering the brouhaha:

You know how ignorant certain groups and communities are when it comes to any non-white person in a potential position of power. McCain has never had to worry about anything in this country thanks to the white privilege he enjoys.

In a perfect world Barack would “embrace” his middle name. We know why he cant do that in this country. The sign this idiot put up proves my point.

(I guess this genius hasn’t heard about McCain’s little stint in a Vietnamese POW prison cell for five years.)

This particular campaign has really brought out the anger from the Republicans especially those that cling to their guns and religion and these examples have certainly brought the problem to light. Thank goodness the Obama supporters have been restrained and dignified and been such a great example of how people should conduct themselves during this presidential election campaign.

Disclaimer: This posting was intended to point out how it is portrayed as A OK when a Republican is treated in such a manner as to show them hanging from a house or depicted as a member of the KKK chasing a black person around with a baseball bat in hand. If anyone had truly hung an effigy of Barack Obama from their house they would probably not survive the night. Hang Sarah Palin from a noose and it’s all laughs and giggles. Tell me again just who it is pushing hate and intolerance in this country?

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